Harmony Squares - "Friendship Set To Music"

Normal Dancing Will Resume Wednesday, 29th March!

Wednesday Evenings 7:30 - 10:00 pm. with the Mainstream and Plus Program of Square Dancing. 

Click Here to See the video of Cliff & Gene Calling (in a small hall)

Click Here to see the video of Cliff & Gene Calling at the GSI UK Festival (in a larger hall)

Click Here to see the video of Cliff & Gene Calling PLUS at the GSI UK Festival 

You are welcome to come and join in the fun. Our callers, Cliff Anderton and Gene Turner are always happy to explore the entire Mainstream and Plus programs and to help dancers better understand the definitions of the calls.

On Pre-announced "Party Nights", we will dance at the program that our guests-of-honour are most comfortable (IE: Mainstream or Easy-level Plus). If the guests are experienced Mainstream dancers and express a desire to learn a particular Plus move, Cliff or Gene are more than happy to accommodate.

On occasion we have Pre-announced "Open Nights", where we invite non-dancers to come and try square dancing.  

Please Contact CliffEmail:  Cliff.Anderton@btinternet.com orTelephone (01423) 500275
or Gene, Email:  FGeneTurner@Gmail.com  or Telephone (01423) 867182
if you would be interested in attending on one of these evenings.

Come along to Clifford Village Hall (Post code LS23 6HY) and enjoy a fun evening of dancing.

See the Harmony Squares Dance Calendar page