Meets Second Tuesdays 7:30 pm(Dark July & August)

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Regular May 11,2021

Postponed until Further Notice
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Grand Master Virtual Official Visit District 6&7
May 18,2021 -Log in by 6:30pm

* Wor Bro Murray Rennie PM Harmony Lodge No 37, passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge April 18, 2021*


St George's Day April 26 2021


 Principal  Officers 
of Harmony Lodge 2020-2022
WM -Wor Bro Peter Henszel PM
SW- Wor Bro Dave Boughton PM
JW- Bro Brian Fredericks

Harmony Lodge No.37 2021 Annual Dues $162 ($152 if reside 50 mi/80km or more away)
plus - Community Charities/Cancer Car = $20
TOTAL = $182 ($172 For Away members)On or before January 1st 2021 
Affiliates paying PC & CC to another lodge  $90.00
Note : This is slightly more than 12 dollars per month- a bargain compared to other clubs/societies.
       May 2021  June 2021 July 2021

Evangeline Chapter 31 WGM Visit June 2019
See Pictures on menu for GM Visit and Silver City Days
Harmony 37 Annual BBQ Grand Forks- 2018
Group photo on August 12 , 2018

Control of Drone lesson

? Question ?
Who was Callimachus?
Previous Question:What was the inscription of Geometry,Plato had placed over the porch of his Academy at Athens?
Ans :"Let no one who is ignorant of geometry enter my doors"
Noble/Wor Bro  Dan Bryant PM 
of Harmony Lodge No 37 , Kettle Falls No 130 & NE WA Shrine Club
passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge in Yakima Friday November 20 2020


Shrine Lady Joyce Ritchie spouse of  deceased Noble /Wor Bro Jack Ritchie of Kettle Falls #130  passed away in August . 

  Image may contain: 6 people     
Rt Wor Bro Rick Hahn of Corinthian #27 & Sentinel #146 passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge August 2nd 2020 .Details to follow
                                                                          Gladys Helen
         Sister Gladys Henshilwood
         May 9 1922-  July 17 ,2020

 passed away in Kitchener Ontario              

Sister Gladys Maria Floyd
October 30 ,1930-June 22 ,2020
Interment Greenwood Cemetery July 9 , 2020
Wor Brother /Noble Jack Ritchie 
  of Kettle Falls Lodge No 130/NE WA Shrine Club passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on April 21 ,2020
Outdoor Memorial held June 6, 2020 at his residence.

Rt Wor Brother Doug Simmonds 
Wor Master Nelson Lodge No 23
 passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge
on April 19 , 2020 
Sister Kay Boggs spouse of WBro /Noble Mike Boggs of Boyer Mountain Lodge #124/NE WA Shrine Club passed away in late March 2020
Brother Craig William Watters passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on Monday January 20 , 2020
 in Salmon Arm . 
Celebration of Life 
See In Memoriam

Wor Brother Kenneth George McKinnon PM passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on January 11,2020  while on a cruise &holiday in Cambodia .
Memorial  Service 
See In Memoriam

Corinthian #27 reports the passing of Bro. George Edward Dodman Lloyd on December 11, 2019. Bro. Lloyd was a member of Kamloops #10 and affiliated with Corinthian Lodge #27 in 1961.
He was residing in West Vancouver at the time of his passing. Bro. Lloyd would have been a 60 year Member on March 24, 2020.
The Will of God is Accomplished. So Mote It Be.

Grand Lodge 
22 May 2020 Re: Holding lodge meetings in June. 
Dear Sir and Brother, In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Master, MW Bro. Douglas Franklin, has issued a blanket dispensation to all lodges allowing them to cancel all meetings and to defer elections and installations until September. Trusting in the judgement of the brethren, he has not issued a ruling to prohibit meetings but expects lodges to use common sense, be sensitive to the concerns of their members, and to follow the rules and guidelines issued by the Provincial Health Officer and other health officials regarding masks, distancing and assemblies. Although meetings are not prohibited, Grand Lodge does not believe that any lodge has a need to meet until September. Brethren are encouraged to take this time to mentor their candidates and provide education, talk to each other, and meditate on the lessons of Freemasonry. If your lodge still believes that it has to have a meeting, clear guidelines regarding physical distancing and hygiene must be established and provided to all attending members. As long as the Provincial Health Officer continues to promote physical distancing, keep in mind that you cannot pass the word in opening and closing the lodge or taking the gavel, hold a candidate’s arm in conducting him through the ceremony, communicate the secrets, raise a candidate, communicate the grip and word, or otherwise come in contact with each other. Members and officers cannot be summoned or required to attend a meeting, but only invited. Yours sincerely and fraternally,
George Moore
Grand Secretary

ILLNESS& DISTRESS  Beverley May -spouse of Rt Wo Bro Lowry May- in hospital with pneumonia in very serious condition .
Rt Wor Bro Brian Swift being treated for Blood clot in leg; Sister Cecille Reed recovering from broken hip ;Mrs Angie Swift recovering from knee replacement surgery ;WBro Peter Henszel recovering from Back Surgery; WBro. Fernando DaCosta of Sentinel #146 Castlegar is recovering from a heart attack   at home after receiving stents in Kelowna and anyone wishing to send wishes to him can do so by texting his cell phone @ 1-250-608-3500. Worshipful Brother /Noble Tom Redeye of   Colville #50/NE WA Shine Club ill with Corona Virus; Mrs Ursula Flury  recovering from heart attack and having pacemaker operation.  Rt Wor Bro John Shaw of Sentinel #146 suffering from Emphysema;WBro JohnNorling of Kettle Falls #130;Bro Jim Bayley of Kettle Falls #130; 

Wor Bro Byron Cooper of Kettle Falls# 130 passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge Saturday Oct 19 ,2019

Sister Helen Durham of Evangeline #31 OES passed away recently
Worshipful  Brother  Bob Schroder PM of Kettle Falls Lodge No 130 passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on 
July 12 , 2019 
Masonic Services August 3 , 2019 at 11 am Kettle Falls Lodge No 130

Brother William (Bill) John Woolsey passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on April 6 , 2019 in Ladysmith BC  

No services

See In Memoriam

Sister Marge Bannert PM of Evangeline Chapter No 31 OES  passed away on February 18, 2019 in Grand Forks. Celebration of Life August 24 ,2019 at 28 mile Bridge Grand Forks.

RW Bro Eric Lloyd Mauger Southern Gate #164 Oliver

1933 – 2019


On Sunday February 10, 2019, Mr. Eric Lloyd Mauger of Oliver passed away peacefully at McKinney Place surrounded by family at the age of 85 years. He was predeceased by his parents and his brother.

He will be lovingly remembered by his devoted wife Janice, his children Kevin (Ali) and Carleen (Ralph) his grandchildren Heather, Arlaina and Craig, great grandchild Jesse and his nieces, nephews and extended family.

Eric enjoyed a long career with B.C. Telephone as a central office technician. He was a devoted member of the Masonic Order and Shriners Club. Over the years Eric volunteered with Cub Scouts, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Canadian Ski Patrol and was a community helper in may ways.  Eric loved the outdoors, particularly fishing, hunting, skiing and golf.  He also enjoyed fly tying and fishing rod repairs.

Donations gratefully accepted for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (www.llscanada.org/ 604-733-2873 or 1-833-222-4884).

Condolences and tributes may be directed to the family by visiting www.nunes-pottinger.com

Private arrangements entrusted to Nunes-Pottinger Funeral Service & Crematorium.

RW Bro Mauger visited Harmony Lodge regularly  several years ago  

Rt Wor Bro Glenn R. Boughton of Assiniboia #49 Saskatoon (father of Wor Bro Dave Boughton) passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on January 6, 2019

Brother Robert (Bob)Adelbert Gardner passed to the Celestial, Grand Lodge Tuesday December 17, 2018 in Kelowna

(See In Memoriam)

Brother Leslie A .Fraser passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge December 17 , 2018

Bro. Leslie Fraser  (Les) Allen

Born September 18, 1938

Affiliated with Sentinel Lodge No. 146 April 3, 1985.

Passed to the Grand Lodge Above

December 17, 2018 in Summerland BC

He is survived by his Wife Bernice

There will be a Celebration of Life later in the Spring

The Will of God is Accomplished

So Mote it Be

RW Bro John Shankland McGarvie passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on July 11, 2018 in Creston 
(See In Memoriam)
Brother Manfred P Flury of Harmony Lodge No 37 passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on June 30 ,2018 in Grand Forks BC (See in Memoriam)


MW Bro William Ord Walls (6 January 1943- 24 March 2019)

Grand Master Walls- GM 2002-2003- at Harmony Centennial October 19 , 2002

The Will of God is Accomplished .


The sympathy of Harmony Lodge is extended to the family of Brother Alfie Berg of King Edward Lodge No 28
Greenwood on his passing to the Celestial Grand Lodge on Tuesday May 21 , 2019 in Grand Forks BC
Details TBA
 The sympathy of Harmony Lodge is extended to the family of Worshipful Bro Dale Burke of Kettle Falls Lodge No 130 who passed to the Celestial Grand Lodge on May 22 , 2019 in Hunters Washington.  There will be a graveside service on Friday, May 31st @ 11:00am at Cedonia Church on Highway 2 just north of Hunters.  graveside service "Over the Ashes of a Cremated Brother" (from the standard work guide).  
HISTORY Sept 30 1791: The opera The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered in Vienna

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Quote of the Day June 24,2016
"When government takes away citizens' right to bear arms
it becomes the citizens' duty to take away government's right to govern."
- M WBro George Washington

Quote of the Day June 17,2016
"The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. ​The balance of power is the scale of peace​. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; ​but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside​. And while a single nation refuses to lay them down, it is proper that all should keep them up. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them." —Thomas Paine (1775)

Quote of the Day February 18,2015
"Government's view of the environment could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it changes, tax it. If it keeps changing, regulate it. And if it stops changing, keep saying it's still changing." -Ronald Reagan


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