Whats up doc?

There are many exciting happenings in science. Some happen right here in the Mesce lab or as a result of its members; while others have nothing to do with us but are still amazingly cool. To shine some light on these things i have provided three links below:
  1. Lab news which tells you about the fun and interesting things that we have going on in the lab and with the lab folks.
  2. Nuggets of amazement which covers some of my favorite science news tidbits. I am a scientist because I love science and have a lot of fun doing it. These studies were certainly not done by me and are likely not even related to my work but I think that they are fun and interesting and worth checking out. I hope they bring you the same amazement, wonder, and inspiration that they bring me.
  3. Soapbox which is a page for my occasional tangents about the state of education, research, life, etc.