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awards and honors

Company of Biologists
        Direct Travel Award July 2010
        Travel Award to attend the International Congress of Neuroethology meeting in Salamanca Spain

Society for Neuroscience: Women in Neuroscience
        Graduate Travel Fellowship November 2009

Company of Biologists
        Direct Travel Award November 2008
        Travel Award to attend the Society for Neurosciences meeting in Washington D.C.

Case Western Reserve University
        Endowment Sponsored Mentorship Program October 2007

Travel Award to attend the Klienztiern Konferenzin Tutzing, Germany

International Congress of Neuroethology
        Congress Award July 2007
        Travel award to attend the International Congress ofNeuroethology in Vancouver, Canada

        Best Video at International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA ’05)
        For the video submission of:
                        Lewinger, W.A., Harley, C.M., Ritzmann, R.E., Branicky, M.S., Quinn, R.D.(2005) Insect-like Antennal Sensing for Climbing and Tunneling Behavior in a Biologically-inspired Mobile Robot. IEEE International             
                        Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA05), Barcelona.

National Science Foundation
        IGERT Fellowship June 2003—May 2006
        Received an interdisciplinary fellowship to engage in graduate studies at CWRU

Howard Hughs Medical Institute
        Spur Fellowship May 2001—August 2001
        Received a grant to continue undergraduate sensory systems research in Ritzmann lab