Peer Reviewed Publications

Auletta A, Rue MCP, 
Harley CM
, Hao L, Li LJ, Mesce KA. In revision. The identification, characterization and anatomical distribution pattern of catecholaminergic neurons in the central nervous systems of spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) and other arachnids. Submitted to Journal of Comparative Neurology.

Harley CM
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     Harley CM, Wagenaar, D.A. (2013) Scanning behavior in the medicinal leech Hirudo verbanaPLOSONE 9(1): e86120

Harley CM (2013) A win for science: The benefits of mentoring high school students in the lab.
*+ Harley CM, Rossi M, Cienfuegos J, Wagenaar D.A (2013) Discontinuous locomotion and prey sensing in the leech. 

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localization in the medicinal leech. Journal of Experimental Biology 214(22) 3801-3807

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Brain Affect Negotiation of Barriers. Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (16): 2851-2864

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Climbing and Tunneling Behavior in a Biologically-inspired Mobile Robot.

^co-first author
* feature article
+ editor's choice article

Other Publications

Visible Body Laboratory Activities (developed 2018):
  • For Human Anatomy Atlas (available at
    • Special senses: vision
    • Special senses: the ear
    • Special senses: smell and taste
  • For Anatomy and Physiology
    • Special senses primer
    • Special senses: taste and smell
    • Special senses: vision
    • Special senses: the ear

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