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           Our most recent Cd


Harlequin at Abbey Medieval Festival 




We are off to Canberra

We have had a great year full of music and Festivals and also a nice winter break, and the opportunity to further explore the depths of Medieval sounds and create our own version of forgotten tunes and songs.

We culminate this year with the great news that we are off to the National Folk Festival in Canberra next April; we are very exited to be there again.
So join us this summer in Hobart and surroundings for a warm up to yet another good year, and enjoy an
array of melodies.. funky, inspiring and most of all, loud!

Upcoming Events

Taste Festival! Come, eat and enjoy

Thursday 29th December, 1-3pm, Waterfront Stage

Cygnet Folk Festival! Come, get drunk and enjoy
Saturday 6th January, 8pm, St Marks Hall



Harlequin is a four piece band from Tasmania,  playing early music in a funky and very unique style.

Harlequin plays tunes and songs from the 12th to the 16th Century, with 13th C. Spanish Cantigas, 12-14th C. French troubadour and trouvère songs, and far more from Italy, Germany, and beyond. Our diverse and colourful repertoire includes music of bawdy humour, pious beauty, and high drama.

All this is played on fascinating period instruments, several of which are made by Luthier and band member Harry Wass.  Many of these instruments have origins in North Africa and Moorish Spain and the Middle East, travelling back to Europe during the 12th and 13th C Crusades. You can also trace these influences in our music.

Harlequin transports its audience back in time.  The music performed is the result of centuries of influence from all around Europe and North Africa, which implies a beautiful assortment of sounds and dynamics in space as well as in time.

For more info have a look at our Biography

Members and Instruments

Joana Cubillos: Vocals, Shawm, Percussion.

Tenille Plummer: Shawm, Whistles, Hammered Dulcimer.

Harry Wass:  Bass Moraharpa (keyed fiddle), Vielle, Bosch Hurdy Gurdy, Citole.

Nick Glade Wright:  Citole, Side-Drum, Darabukka, Percussion

See information and images of Harlequin's instruments.

Recent Events:

Concert at Moonah Art Centre

Hopfest, New Norfolk

National Folk Festival, Canberra 2010

Abbey Medieval Tournament, Queensland, 2010

CD launch 

Harlequin launched our most recent CD The Devil's Horsemen on 23rd May.  The whole event was a great success and we would like to thank all the people who were present and made the night so special.


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Harlequin's myspace site







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