A training day is proposed just before the conference :

There will be 30 places - if you are interested, please send us an e-mail (, subject : training day)


The Harlan III symposium will present, through lectures, keynotes, communications and posters, advanced research on the origin of agriculture, domestication, conservation and use of genetic resources.

The objective will be to provide participants with key knowledge to better benefit from the scientific content of the Harlan III symposium.

Targeted participants

All symposium attendees who feel they lack knowledge basic scientific concepts/methodologies when reading recent papers on topics covered by the symposium.

Pre requisite : MSc level in biology

Date, duration and location

Monday 10th September 2018, 9h30-17h, Montpellier Le Corum (symposium venue)

Content (tentative)

Lectures (mainly by Montpellier scientists) on the following topics :

·       Population genetics methods to build domestication scenarios

·       Ecosystem services

·       Microbiome

·       Legal and policy issues in genetic resources