My Keto/Low Carb Lifestyle

If you want to get started with Low Carb or Keto or jumpstart weight loss, I'd suggest eating mainly meat, eggs, and a little cheese. Eat until you are satisfied, not hungry; not stuffed. You need fat to have it taste good and satisfy you, so don't eat lean. A little salad (lettuce, celery) with olive oil or a touch of veggies is okay, but eliminating those at the beginning will give you a big boost in getting started the first week or 2. Bloat will vanish, pounds will drop. Many low carb lists of what is allowed are online, but I'd say keep it simple, and don't bother with recipes. Bake chicken with skin, eat a fatty steak, cook eggs in butter, have it with cheese or some bacon. Enjoy coffee with a bit of heavy cream. Instead of cream, I put in a touch of sugar free Torani syrup for flavor, and one T (less than 10 calories) of Better Half califia creamer. Delicious! Hunger will vanish eating no or very low carb. After awhile, if you want, you can slowly add more veggies if you want, but stay as low carb as possible for best results. If you want to count carbs, staying under 20 total carbs works for many people.

Click here to read my Diet Blog I started in Nov 2017 (work-in-progress--not much there yet) Update Nov 2018: My total and LDL cholesterol went up too high, so I am now trying to do low carb AND low saturated fat to see if that makes a difference. A month or so later, I decided to not worry about it. Mainly gave up coconut oil in coffee and lost 5 pounds!

Click here for Keto abbreviations.

Some Keto and Low Carb Sites with meal plans, recipes, and more...

Low Carb Alcoholic Info and mixed drink recipes

Click for some of my favorite things to eat and RECIPES. I don't see any point in "dieting" where I deprive myself for awhile of certain foods thinking I'll go on maintenance later, eating them later. Sure I can lose more weight that way, but as soon as I start eating more variety, I'll gain weight. So I am eating this way for life. For example, I can drop weight by totally eliminating alcohol and veggies, but once I add them back, I won't stay at that weight. So I'm not dieting. I don't want to yo-yo. This is simply my way of eating and being happy and I love it! It is a sustainable way of life for me, not a short-term diet! Also, I am not into programs or products. I eat real food, follow basic principles that I can live with forever (eat super low carb), don't use the word cheating, etc.  My Diet is a healthy way of eating for life. What you eat is one of the most important parts of health.  (Once in a while I eat something higher carb, but that is very rare. The awesome part of low carb is that it reduces hunger and stops the carb addiction. It's easy to fall off the band wagon if you partake in high carb tastes often.)

I SET UP THIS WEBSITE TO KEEP TRACK OF INFO AND ARTICLES, AND AM SHARING WITH ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED. I'm not selling anything, and don't like buying products. Basically, I eat real food, and mainly protein with fat. It works for me. 

Articles on ExerciseExercise may help with energy, metabolism, strength, flexibility, and make you feel good, but I believe what you eat is one of the most important aspects of health. 
I'm currently thinking a Keto diet (mostly fat, some protein, hardly any carbs) or Mostly Protein with Fat ("Carnivore Diet" or "Zero Carb"), are good ways to eat. For me, keto and low carb are similar, with keto advocating more fat and less protein. Click to listen to this video by a gal who got healthy doing Keto. Keto is similar to Atkins (which has been my go-to) but you try to stay in ketosis, and keep the lifestyle very low carb forever. I think of veggies as optional--I personally have to eat no or very few veggies to drop weight. I love veggies, but only eat a little of them and not every day. Read about Vilhjalmur Stefansson who did a practically all meat/fish diet for about a decade and was very healthy. His article Adventures in Diet was published in Harper's Monthly Magazine in 1935. 

I think low carb is the healthiest way to eat. Around Oct 2012, I didn't do anything drastic, but instead changed for good my way of eating and lost 8-10 pounds over 2-3 months. I felt good, ate when hungry, was satisfied, not bloated, etc! It's important to eat and not starve yourself! If you aren't hungry, don't eat. If you are, then eat. Eat more fat if you are hungry. It's pretty simple. (2017 Update: Over 5 years, I put a few pounds on from eating occasional fries, tacos, tastes of too many things, so adjusted!  Nov 2017 Update: I'm finally losing the weight by eating mainly meat/fish/shrimp, coffee with just a little coc oil, no or very few veggies, and wine! Very few nuts! Hunger gone! Go keto! I decided to write a blog instead of constantly changing what I wrote on this page. March Update: eating too many nuts again...oh well, I do love them. I'm maintaining, not losing weight. Maintaining is better than gaining! I've pretty much kept off those 10 pounds. I always want to be thinner, but I'm fine with where I'm at too.)

You can also try some of the Low Carb or Keto or Zero Carb Facebook groups for motivation and tips. Wish I had that kind of support years ago.