Tips, tricks, time-savers, organizing and minimalist ideas, etc. that either I thought of or learned from someone else or another site...I haven't tried all of them.

BIG take-away: 
Use boxes to store practically everything. Cut cardboard to size and use contact paper as needed. 
Stack lots of things vertically. STACK everything...washcloths, pillow cases, sheets, hand towels, jeans--put in boxes or drawers! tack Vertically so things are perpendicular to you facing it. I do this with all my pants/shorts in one drawer so I see like 10-15 at a time, and when I pull one out, everything stays place. Also, stack bags in freezer. Use ziploc bags if needed. 

Cut toothpaste boxes in half, and use each half to store little cords, like small USB cords, iphone cords, earbuds. Then stack them vertically in box. I put 12 in the bottom of a cut 12-pack soda box so it takes up hardly any space (5" by 5") and holds 12 cords I can easily see.

I buy the cheap disposable gloves and shove them in an empty square kleenex box and keep in kitchen drawer. When I make anything like chicken or veges where I either coat with olive oil or rub salt and pepper on, I put the glove on my left hand to touch the food and use my right hand to salt and pepper it. That way I don't have grease all over my hands, and just throw it away. I get 100 for $1 at the 99 cent store.

I put an extra tension rod shower bar over bath, lengthwise same as for the shower curtain but in middle of bath. I hang an organizer on end not by the shower head, and also use it to dry clothes so it drips in bath. You can also hang a shower organizer from a cabinet knob or hook.

I roll all my towels and put in cabinets. It takes way less space and it doesn't matter if towels are different sizes. Fold in half same way twice, then roll and keep neat side toward you when storing.

I also roll blankets and store in cabinets. I often use elastic or strips torn from old sheets to tie them so they don't unroll. Update, elastic doesn't work as well. I like tying with  non-elastic.

I fold extra pillow cases into small enough rectangles and stack vertically upright in a box (shoe box size is good) and put in cabinet with label. This takes way less space and they stay neat. I do the same thing for washcloths. Sometimes I also keep a little box in the bathroom.

Folding and Storing sheets:  Fold bottom sheet by putting in fourths so the round edges fit inside of each other. Fold it and pillow case. Fold most of top sheet, then put bottom sheet and pillow cases inside to finish folding so they are all together. NEW thought: Make small (maybe 1/2 pillow case or 12" by 14" or so) pouches labeled with size of bedding, and put sheets and pillow cases in it.

Use a 3 ring notebook with plastic sleeve holders and put all your manuals in it in one place. Also good for other important stuff. I now put these in hanging file folders instead.

Bring ext. cord on a trip so it's easy to charge anything if there is only one plug and especially if it's not close to where you want to charge something.

I keep at least one complete set of clothes, shoes, towels, jacket, toiletries in car. In summer, I keep extra beach stuff. It gets crowded, but without driving kids around, it's working.

Use a cup in cupholder on side of door for trash in car. I use a disposable soft drink or coffee cup.

Buy single over the door hooks and bring on trips to hang stuff like towels, clothes when traveling. I also bought an over the door plastic 5 hook one at Dollar tree, and that can hang on car window or on doors anywhere. Or bring a hanger with multi-hooks for the closet.

Use sponge instead of soap holders to hold soap. No mess and can be used to clean basin as needed. Cut to size. Bring on trips too. I like the cheap, slim ones at 99 cent or dollar Tree (?) that are light yellow sponge with dark green rough side. They work well.

Tape easy to tear blue (?) paint tape on rubber bands to put around drinking glasses. Label names on the tape. Good for parties or people who leave their glasses around.

Have matches in bathroom and toiletry bag for travel.  Best air freshener ever.

On all cans, jars, medicines with expiration dates, use a sharpie to write that date.

Use coffee filters for cleaning mirrors--great glass cleaner. I haven't tried it yet.

Cosmetic or toothbrushes can clean keyboards.

Store flip flops on big hooks or stack in drawer (file) or in box by front door.

Use plastic ice cube trays to store earrings.

File purses vertically.

Use toilet paper holder for all cords taping together so they stand upright. Useful for other stuff too, like pencils.

Use Shower pocket organizer in shower or back of car seat.

Use real drawers for under bed storage. Putting on wheels makes it even easier. Or use big cabinet door with wheels. Haven't tried it.

Use pencil pouches to store stuff in car, like toiletries, pens, pills, band aids, car registration, insurance, etc.

Slatted wood door to hang stuff in pantry. I don't do this.

Flexible bins or boxes to hold sheet sets.

Use hanger with hook to clip recipe and hang from cabinet.

Mousepads as a hot pad.

Scan everything, then recycle the paper. I should do this.

Store paper towels in shoe holder in closet or pantry.

Diagonalize drawer so long utensils fit.


Use pipe cleaners instead of cheap wire holders for vegetable bags from store to twist tie anything.

Use spritz of gin to clean mirrors. Hmmm...

Use shower caddies under sink to store stuff.

Store hair straightener or curler in upright cylinder like a tall water bottle. Or hang over a coat hook and store cord in toilet paper roll.

For guests that come kind of often and sleep on sheets for one night, save their sheets in a special place so you don't have to wash them all the time. 

Use dish drainer for lids--haven't tried this but not bad!

Use paper clips or clothes pins to hold trash can liners. I do this in a little circular thin-edged can for cat litter to hold produce bags in place.

Use over the door shoe bags for:
1) small coin purses, clutches, wallets, etc.
2) ski hats, socks, mittens, goggles, gloves
Or just put them in a drawer or vertically stack on a shelf.


How to get rust stains off of the old fabrics without destroying them: Use salt and lemon juice, work it into the fabric and sit it in the sun. Who