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Click here for videos corresponding to the book I use in class. 

Click the link above for most of my Trig videos. You can easily find the topic you want as I stated what each section of the book covered.

See the link above for Trig Videos in order of chapters of a book I use to teach Trigonometry.  See that link as that is where all my Trig videos are. I haven't organized by topic yet except on that page.

Below are a few by topic.

Special Angles--how to find trig functions of special angles

Video Solutions for Graphing Handout (see attachment below): 
Part 1:This video shows how to graph these 4 trig functions from a Graphing Handout: y=2sinx, y=(1/2)sinx, y= - sinx, y = -2sinx: http://youtu.be/fWp-zKH5sKQ

Deriving Trig Identities: Derives the formulas and has examples using the formulas for many common Trig identities such the sum and difference identities like sin(A+B), the double angle identities like sin(2A), and the half angle identities like sin(A/2)

Computing using Trig Identities: These are problems where you are given some info, and then need to compute something else. For example, you might need to compute sinA if you know the cos2A, etc.


Special Videos

Below are some Trig Videos by others who have posted on youtube.

Video showing how to use Trig to find a shadow from the sun blocked by a building: 
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