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Order of Operations

Exponents - Basics

Covers the basic meaning of exponents that are whole numbers and how to evaluate and simplify expressions. Also defines zero exponent.


Order of Operations Part 1

Part 1 of Order of Operations: Explains the order of operations, what it means, and shows examples. Basic--no negative numbers or fractions.


Order of Operations Part 2

Part 2 of Order of Operations: Shows examples. Basic--no negative numbers, but does contain fractions.


Order of Operations Part 3

Part 3 of Order of Operations: Shows examples. Basic--contains fractions but no negative numbers.


Exponents 1-definition, meaning and evaluating

Shows how to evaluate problems b^n with positive exponents, but where base may be negative. Explains difference when negative sign is in or out of the parentheses.


Order of Operations Part 4

Part 4 of Order of Operations: Shows examples. Contains fractions and negative numbers.


Order of Operations Part 5

Part 5 of Order of Operations: Shows examples. Contains absolute value, negative numbers, fractions, decimals


Below are videos using the order of operations when fractions and/or decimals are in the expression:

Decimals 11 (Simplifying Decimals using order of Operations Part 1--Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)http://youtu.be/tojhg1uEEuA (dec210.mp4)

This video is for students who have already learned about negative numbers. (dec220new.mp4)