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Radicals--simplifying and equations

Rate Conversions


Rate of Current or Wind Problems using 2 variables

Rational Exponents

Rational Expressions

Rational Equations

Rational Inequalities

Relations and Functions

Scientific Notation

Simple and Compound Interest

Solving Equations

Solving Inequalities

Special Products

Square Roots and Radicals

Sum and Difference of 2 Cubes

Synthetic Division

Systems of Equations

Translating Words to Algebra


Unit Conversions

Value Mixture Problems

Word Problems

Word Problems using one variable

Word Problems using two variables

Work Problems 

Special Videos

Practice Problems with video and pdf solutions to Ch. 1-2 for my online Elementary Algebra class

A Practice Final and Solutions for my online Elementary Algebra Class

Review Problems for Midterm 1 for Intermediate Algebra Ch. 7, 8.2-4, App. D & E

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