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Learn Math

I truly believe just about anyone CAN learn and get good at math, especially algebra. It's really fun once you understand it. But math is cumulative, so you need to be prepared as you move on by being confident with previous material. I provide many videos to help you with the topics from arithmetic through algebra. I don't cover too much on basic arithmetic (adding, multiplying, subtracting, dividing) but do provide some alternate methods for doing those "operations."

So it's important to first get good at basic arithmetic. From there, you should be comfortable working with parentheses, exponents, and know the order of operations. Understanding how to compute with fractions, decimals, percents, and negative numbers is crucial as well. It's also useful to know some very basic geometry like perimeter and area of rectangles of triangles, and circumference and area of a circle.If you master all of these concepts, you should be prepared for algebra.

Taking a class is very different than learning on your own with all the resources available. In a class, there is a timetable. You need to devote many hours per week, keep up with assignments, and do well on tests. Many students don't have the time or will to do what it takes to do that. But that does not mean they can't learn it. It means they can't learn it in that way at that time.  But you CAN study arithmetic, prealgebra, beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, and beyond on your own at your own pace. If your goal is to take a college class, then when you do master the material at a certain level, you can take a placement test. I've provided many videos for you to learn on your own at your own pace, and there are free online resources where you can work problems. See especially Option 1 below.

CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: I use free software for my online classes. If you want to create an account to check out the software and get a feel for what the system is like, see Option 1 below and enroll in a self-study course. Those are not monitored or graded. To take a real class from me, you'll need to enroll in a course in MyOpenMath using a course ID provided by me for a class you are officially enrolled in.

There is a Bridge to Success in Math Program for students at MiraCosta to help prepare students to take the placement exam. Email studentsuccess@miracosta.edu for info, or contact the Testing Office. You can also access their website at http://www.miracosta.edu/instruction/mathematics/bridgetosuccess-team.html.

OPTION 1 for learning on your own using free software: MyOpenMath (MOM for short) is a free resource online where you may learn on your own by reading a free online textbook, watching videos, and trying online problems which are immediately graded. These are not real classes, and there is no instructor. Click on https://www.myopenmath.com/info/selfstudy.php for more info. Go to www.MyOpenMath.com to register as a new student, or log on if you already have an account. Then Click on Enroll in a New Course. Use the pull down menu to enroll in a ready-made self-study course, or the one I highlight below.

I created a course titled Elem Alg on your own 14512 that contains the same homework I assigned in my Elementary Algebra class. If interested, the course ID is 14512.

I created a course titled Int Alg on your own 24221 that will eventually contain the same homework I assign in my Intermediate Algebra class. If interested, the course ID is 24221

This website shows which of my videos correspond to the chapters in the Beg/Int Algebra book by Tyler Wallace in MyOpenMath: https://sites.google.com/site/harlandclass/home/momlinks

OPTION 2: To learn/study/review Beginning and/or Intermediate Algebra only by watching videos, click on https://sites.google.com/site/harlandclub/Home/math/martingay/ and watch and try all of the problems on all of my videos in order for each chapter of the book I used in my previous online algebra classes. To learn/study/review Trigonometry, do the same thing using my Trig videos at https://sites.google.com/site/harlandclub/Home/math/trig/trigbookTo learn/study/review Arithmetic or Pre-Algebra, click on https://sites.google.com/site/harlandclub/Home/math/prealgebra

OPTION 3: To brush up before taking math placement tests, click on https://www.miracosta.edu/studentservices/testing/brushup.html

OPTION 4XYZ Textbooks may offer inexpensive short online classes (with rewards like a free math book if you do well in the course). For more info, click on http://www.xyztextbooks.com/catalog?cti=18