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About Julie and this site

I earned my B.A. in math and my single subject teaching credential at UC Santa Barbara.  After teaching at my alma mater (Vista High school), I attended UC San Diego where I earned my masters in math.  I taught math at local colleges while in grad school and for a year after graduating before landing a full time position at MiraCosta College in 1987.  I was hired while on my honeymoon!

I believe everyone can learn and do mathematics, especially if they have the will and time and good instruction, and they can love it too.  Math is logical, fun, amazing, beautiful, and interesting! I want to share my love and knowledge of math with others, as well as make math accessible, understandable and fun for all.  That is why I created this site.  It is a work-in-progress, and video links are added often.  If there is a particular math video you'd like me to make, email me at yourmathgal@gmail.com, and if I have the time, I'll do it.  You CAN be good at math!

I have been happily married since July 5, 1987, have three beautiful children, a wonderful, supportive extended family and a great network of friends.  I love cats, but we don't have any right now. I also have some of my home movies of family and friends on this site.

My other huge passion is dancing.  I do Israeli dancing at least twice a week! I think having music in our lives makes for a happier world!  I just love to get out and be wild when it comes to dancing.  I don't worry about technique; I just love to get up and dance.  My husband likes to dance too, so I'm grateful for that! We also do hot yoga together.

My kids and husband all play instruments, and I enjoy (but do not study) singing. My sons each earned a bachelor degree in Music, and one earned a Masters of Music. My daughter is a math major. My husband teaches math at Palomar College.

Dance when you have the chance!!!  You'll feel happy!  Peace to all!