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Israeli Folk Dancing

My Israeli dancing story
...written by me in summer 2004, a few years after I started dancing regularly.

I am an avid fan of Israeli Dancing!  I regularly attend two sessions in San Diego. See the links below.

Dancing with Dalya Dallal in San Diego

Dancing with Yoni Carr
in San Diego

Dancing with Karina in the Bay Area

Dancing with Nona in Vancouver, Canada

Dancing with David in Los Angeles

Dancing with Loui in Sunnyvale

Go to this site for more Israeli Dance stuff I posted, including teaching Israeli Dancing at MiraCosta for Trisha Hanada-Roger's World Dance class

Other Israeli Dance Links

Israeli Folk Dance Library

Israeli Folk Dance Videos

Nona Malki's YouTube site:

Youtube videos on Nissim Ben Ami's site:

Achshav Tov danced at my house by Paul

Phil Moss's youtube site

Lots of dances by a Chinese dance teacher