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A huge passion of mine is dancing!!! That's me in my belly dancing outfit at a Halloween party. I don't really belly dance. I love to get out on the dance floor anywhere and get in the zone, get wild, and also love to swing dance and do the cha cha cha and tango with my hubby. 

I usually do Israeli dancing at least twice a week--started regularly in 1999. Click here to read my Israeli dancing story I wrote in summer 2004

This study shows continually learning choreography is great for your brain!!!
he real me having fun at a folk dance camp in Feb 2011...wish I could actually dance this fast--it's in double-time.

This video is what I was doing a little later that night...around 4 am.  I'm in the skirt, dancing with my husband.


San Diego (Th): Rafael 

San Diego (M) Yoni

L.A. (M,W) Orly 

L.A. Valley (M,Th)  Sagi or Lior 

Bay Area Karina

Sunnyvale Loui

Palo Alto Aaron Alpert

Vancouver, Canada with Nona