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A huge passion of mine is dancing!!! I'm in my belly dancing outfit below. I don't really belly dance, but I like to wear it on Halloween. I usually do Israeli dancing at least twice a week. I love to get out on the dance floor anywhere and get in the zone, and love to swing and cha cha cha (and some other ballroom) with my hubby.
This video is t
he real me having fun at a folk dance camp in Feb 2011...wish I could actually dance this fast--it's in double-time (30 seconds): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVW22l0tJkE
This is what I was doing a little later that night...around 4 am.  I'm in the skirt, dancing with my husband: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zvhaKSonTk

My Israeli dancing story
...written by me in summer 2004, a few years after I started doing Israeli dancing regularly.

Dancing with Dalya in San Diego

Dancing with Yoni
 in San Diego

Dancing with Shirley in Orange County

Dancing with Orly in Los Angeles

Dancing with Har'el in Los Angeles

Dancing with Sagi and Lior in the Los Angeles Valley

Dancing with Karina in the Bay Area

Dancing with Loui in Sunnyvale

Dancing with Nona in Vancouver, Canada

Below is a site for a bit more Israeli Dance stuff I posted, including teaching Israeli Dancing at MiraCosta for Trisha Hanada-Roger's World Dance class.


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Achshav Tov danced at my house by Paul

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Lots of dances by a Chinese dance teacher