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Happy New Year 2012

Dec. 18, 2011

Greetings! The Harland Family wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and a meaningful Happy & Healthy NewYear in 2012 full of peace, love, happiness, and contentment.

That's the important part and there is no need to read on, but for those of you who are interested...

Above is a family photo for those of you who can't remember what we look like. All of us are rarely together--photo is from last August.  Ian's hair is now longer, and Jakob's is shorter. Ian's on the right without the real sunglasses. There are always more photos on Facebook.

BTW, I printed photos and copies of my New Year note last year to send via snail mail, and they are still sitting on a shelf in my office. So, email it is! But I do enjoy the cards and photos that are mailed to us. We tape the photos to our cabinets in the dining room, so see them daily. Here is what is going on in our lives:

Kira graduates from high school this June, and has been busy playing her flute (school, Temple band, etc.), working at the animal shelter, being in Comedy Sportz, and doing a lot of college apps. In summer, she attended an intense 4 week music program at Cal Arts. Her plan is to be admitted to college, but take a gapyear to work and/or live in a new place next year.

Ian is a jazz studies major (drums) and a junior at San Diego State, and is keeping busy playing several different instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, percussion) and composing, and also tutors math and teaches music lessons. He is leaving for Israel on a Birthright Israel trip the first day of Chanukah this coming Wednesday, so that should be a great experience.

Jakob will graduate from UC Santa Cruz this June as a music major in guitar.  He composes, especially a lot of electronic music. He loves going to Burning Man each August for a week. He is thinking of working at ski resort sometime next year, and it's possible all 3 kids may land at the same resort living together, sans parents. Who knows?

John is now a full time math professor at Palomar College, which is close to where we live.  It's nice to have him living at home again full time after a year working in the Valley last year. He rides his bike and/or takes the bus to work, mainly to prove me wrong when I said that wasn't practical. So as usual, he's in great shape.  We also got a tandem bike, and try to find time to ride it at least once a week. We are now in the Temple band (John plays bass, I sing), so now we will be going to services at least once a month. We also dance together a lot, of course. I'm still at MiraCosta (this is my 25th year already), but will be on sabbatical making videos this spring instead of teaching. I should hit the millionth hit on my youtube site pretty soon, so that's kind of cool for me.

I'm very grateful our kids get along and like each other. It's a real blessing! Even though we aren't all together very often, we always have a good time when it occurs.  It's also still Harland Camp at our home off and on (especially during holidays, summer, and school breaks) with various nephews, nieces, and friends of the kids hanging out here.

Our parents are all doing well, despite some setbacks in the last year or two.  It's clear that 80 is the new60!

There have been a lot of sad occasions this year as well, as we've lost many loved ones, but I try to stay focused on the good times and memories. It reminds me to appreciate life, and my family and friends.



P.S. This is also on behalf of John, Jakob, Ian, and Kira who don't know I'm sending this.