Green India Concept

Green India concept is a concept based on a program which started by 
Hariyali Ggramodhyog Sansthan.
    1-Teak plantation
    2-Real estate &Farm house development.
G.I.C. like to make a team of those people who want to do some thing different then others.
    There are two ways

1-Save for future.

2-Earn for today.

Teak Plantation

GIC has a huge quantity of teak trees in Sonauli (Indo Nepal border). these trees are about 10 to 12 years old, and every day they are getting speedy growth because that place where plantation has been made is very friendly climate for teak tree.
Teak trees are second highest costly wood in world, this will take 25 to 30 years for fully maturity.
GIC selling that teak trees (10 to 12 years old) to all those people who want to join our organization to save for future and want to earn for today.
any person who want to buy a 12 years old teak tree will pay Rs.6000/ to own it.
organization will look after that tree up to 15 years on behalf of purchaser.
Purchaser can take away any time within 15 years from date of purchasing.

Real estate and Farm house development
No doubt that business of real estate or  sale after development of farm houses are very beneficial business around the world but this can be done only by whom those have a big money and experience.
this field in not for general people.
but gic make a plan for general people to avail profit of this business .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      GIC. is purchasing a big quantity of land to develop many farm houses plots for middle to upper class families. 
After development, the cost of that land will be increased by many times.
thus land owner of that land will get a handsome profit for his/her investment.
In this profitable business. Hariyali invite all those people who is willing Rs.6000/ for partnership of 100 land.
by paying Rs.6000/ a person will get ownership of 100 land of Nautanwa which is a important tourist place of Indo Nepal border and birth place of Lord Buddha is only 25 km. away from this place .
International airport of Nepal is only 25 min walking distance.from this place.
GIC.will develop that plot and make farm houses. 
After 3 to 5 years that plots will be sale by GIC.after selling of that plot, 75% of sale amount will be paid to land owner.
main attraction of this plan is that after getting one unit of land that person will be get our membership/partnership.
After getting our membership he can sale our plan to two other person.and get a attractive com for life time by income plan 21.
what is income plan 21 to know this plan please visit

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