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"Be like a flower, GIVING fragrance and happiness to all."

                - H.H. Swami Chinmayanandaji  

We are a small organisation with big dreams. The inspiration comes from the name of the company to give to the world around, what we are blessed with.....The Vision to "Live life to its true Potential!"

To create a society where each one feels good and special. Stress Free, Living in Harmony at Home and at Work.

No Old age homes, No Orphanages, we would serve the cause sharing values and effect would then be wonderful - a beautiful place to live in. We leave the world a better place than it was before when we were born. Taking the first step. Doing our BEST at our levels. We believe the Standard of Life is more important than the standard of living. Values are far more necessary than the Valuables.

A Finishing School for the INNER YOU.
Is your child living life to its TRUE POTENTIAL?
Is he/she truly successful?
Is he/she prepared to play the Game of Life?
Do you compare yourself with others?
Do you manage the biggest Tsunami as a little ripple in your life?
Are we WINNING the challenges of our life?
Is every interaction of ours a sign of joy and peace?

What is the purpose of our LIFE?

Are we truly HAPPY?

What is stopping us from becoming Mahatma Gandhiji or a Abdul Kalam ji?

Can't there be three AMBANIs?
Can't there be two MITTALS, 
Can't we have hundreds of TATAs?

Is there a tax limit on becoming 200% Effective?
Some of us think,
Others think that they think.
In case we decide think, let us THINK BIG by default.

We are sure to break records. Thank you for your time and support. GOD BLESS ALL.