I'm not Jewish. Is Eden Primary the right place for my child?

Our slogan is, ‘A Jewish primary school where everyone is welcome’.

Eden Primary accepts children from all backgrounds on an equal basis. 50% of our places are available to those who practise the Jewish faith, and 50% openly, based purely on proximity to the school.

For all children, irrespective of their religion, life at Eden will be equally rewarding, exciting, fascinating and fun. There will be no partitioning off: all the children will be educated together. Jewish teaching imbues the life of the school, but it is teaching that will be accessible and valuable for all. We are no centre for evangelism. Jewish teaching is about consideration, charity, respect, good deeds, history and stories – things that benefit everybody – as well as about prayer and traditions.

All our children will be included in Jewish activities such as learning about festivals and speaking modern Hebrew, as well as in activities relating to other religions and cultures. We don’t expect – we don’t want – to make everyone Jewish; quite the contrary: our belief is that a Jewish identity can flourish in a multi-cultural context, and vice versa. All the children will also learn about other faiths and cultures too. Jewish teaching will make up approximately 17% of the entire curriculum.

The individual faiths (or backgrounds) of every child will be respected equally, and they will all be encouraged to share their own personal, family practices with their friends. The more variety we have in our school, the more there is for the children to learn.

By the time our pupils leave Eden, they will be knowledgeable about Judaism and other faiths, and they will carry that knowledge with them for the rest of their lives, adding to the store of experiences that they collect as they grow up. Their understanding of Hebrew will introduce them to learning a modern language every bit as rich and rewarding as French or any other language (with the added benefit that they will have learnt a different alphabet too).