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2. Fieldwork & Excavation

In 2009 resistivity survey carried out by post-graduate students from the University of York revealed a series of anomolies in the field below the south terrace of Harewood House where map analysis suggested Gawthorpe Manor had been located. Trial excavations, funded jointly by the University of York and the Harewood House Trust, were carried out to assess the archaeology. Evaluation trenches revealed the footings of the perimeter garden wall, a demolition layer of bricks associated with the manor house itself, and the stable, complete with its flagged courtyard. Finds included a quantity of pottery from the medieval period to the late-eighteenth century, including a white salt-glazed chamber pot, as well as window and vessel glass, animal bones and metalwork. 
Further excavations are planned for the next three seasons during which we hope to uncover the footprint of the medieval manor house as well as features associated with the formal gardens.