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The Hardy ROCK opening trophy.

To be consistent with how all the teams were scored Team Langdon has been scored with one member absent and the team average was used. The result is that Team Poulter (who also had one member absent) ends up in first place, CONGRATULATIONS !

On Day One of the Hotshots Team Gilles Leblanc roared into the lead with 28 points, Team Poulter is in second with 22.7 points and Bazar is in third with 19 points. The championship and Hardy ROCK opening event trophy is up for grabs. It is anyone's game. Good Luck to everyone !!

Day 1 Results.pdf

Day 2 Jean-Luc Gosselin was high with 22 points and Team Poulter and Langdon had 20 points each. Team Leblanc did not make the competition for Day 2.

Day 2 results.pdf

The overall winners were Team Poulter consisting of Chris Poulter, Gilbert Berthoud, and Barry Gleason. CONGRATULATIONS! In second place was Team Langdon. Third was a tie between Team Bazar and Team Gosselin.

Hotshot Total Results.pdf

Latest News and Information

Please note the teams below and the schedule. We will be practicing the same 6 shots both days and keeping score for each team. If there are any ties we will play-off on the last Friday before the Christmas dinner.

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Other Information

Other Information

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