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Affordable filming and video production

Hardy Productions UK is an independent video filming enterprise based in the Manchester area of the United Kingdom. 

Our ultimate aim is to have a brand which is always associated with high quality output.

View our Showreel and our example of 4K (Ultra HD)

We are happy to provide a quote for filming, editing and publishing of video material for any subject, preferably for work to be undertaken within the United Kingdom. We can prepare story lines and story boards for films and provide direction also.

We are thinkers who not only listen to our clients but also discuss with them how to achieve the best results for them to meet their needs.
Sometimes a client does not really know what they are looking for, but we will help them.

Contact us or go to our dedicated and fully up-to-date website at www.hardyproductionsuk.com

Our Commercial Experience

We can undertake the following in particular, examples of which can be found on this and other pages of this site:
  • Weddings, Baptisms/Christenings and similar celebrations, including church services and receptions.
  • Corporate videos / Showreels for those needing a short film demonstrating what they do best.
  • Drama - from very short (say 2 minutes) up to about 30 minutes or more in length
  • Screentests, in preparation for filming or for use by the subject to show others how they can perform on camera.
  • Sporting events e.g. football, athletics, usually for promotional purposes.
  • Short films/documentaries on specific projects, e.g. Construction Demonstration Projects, interviewing key personnel associated with such projects. Examples:
  • Public Events,  including
  • Professional Events, presenters / speakers at events for display on the internet, edited or unedited - usually up to about an hour, complete with presentation slides where used.
    • Vodcasts (short films of topical interest) including interviews of key people associated with those topics. Examples:
      • WMCCE Vodcast 
      • Visit West Midlands Centre for Constructing Excellence (WMCCE) for other examples.
  • Schools - We are happy to take on school commissions - using a multi-camera approach which aim for the more professional look to our school films. Duplication of the resulting DVDs (or BluRays) can be organised.
  • Photo animation, scanning and bringing old photographs to life, whether they be family, ancestral, sporting ...... Here is an example of some slides taken in Dubai in 1971 brought to life with music - also one example of very simple animation.
  • Editing customers' own video films into edited films, according to customers' wishes for future historical record e.g. compilations of their children as a baby, the first walk, birthday parties, meeting the grand parents .......
  • Slide shows based on stills made from film footage.
Stills taken from various video films are shown on the right - the captions to these if clicked will take you to YouTube to view specific films.

Our Community Films

We also make community films from time to time which essentially means that we volunteer our services for free. Usually this is to support an individual or an organisation such as a charity. Our work in this field includes:
  • Our film drama "Cry England!", premiered in November 2013 as a "zero budget film", to provide support to members of the cast and crew, some of whom are without employment, as well as raise funds for charity (The Christie Charity)
  • Our documentary with Cameron Foster ("A Phoenix Rising") talking about what happened to Cameron, where he is now and where he would like to go. He now heads the Cameron Foster Foundation. See A Phoenix Rising
  • Short films:

How we operate

We work with other organisations, such as Freezeframe Productions, either us supporting them, or them supporting us, so that a customer's full needs are met. This may include other videographers or other disciplines such as the use of a presenter, voice over artists, actors and so on.

This approach combines the benefits of working with a small organisation and the range of expertise that can be obtained from a large organisation.

Presenters and Voice over Artists

We have worked closely with:
  • Lynsey Rose Masora, a presenter and voice over artist - see the WMCCE Vocast (right).
  • Charlie Allen, an actor, presenter and voice over artist as well as an acting and singing coach (Charlie Allen Workshops) - see also his website.

Contact: hardyprods@gmail.com

Blog: http://hardyprodsuk.blogspot.com/

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/hardyprods?feature=mhee

Angel Snow

Still from ANGEL SNOW - released February 2015

GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON - "Fundraising for the Christie"
November 2013 - YouTube

"Cry England!" released November 2013

Screentest for Cry England - Stephen Fletcher - Apr 2013 - YouTube

Strider UK World Cup in Manchester - November 2012 - YouTube

The Vintage Home Show on YouTube

Cameron Foster during filming
Cameron Foster - A Phoenix Rising on YouTube

GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON newsreel on YouTube

Strider UK World Cup, National Cycling Centre on YouTube

Olympic Torch Relay on YouTube

Bolton Wanderers ISS 2012 presentation
Bolton Wanderers ISS Cup 2012 (5th-6th May) - YouTube

WMCCE Vodcast - YouTube

Handover in Birmingham - YouTube