Trail Conditions

We appreciate when you add your own trail reports and updates on our Facebook page as conditions can change fast. Please keep this in mind over the summer as well. If you happen to be out hiking, hunting, biking etc on our trails and notice a problem with a bridge or a major washout please notify us ASAP so we can deal with it. Feel free to share your concerns/suggestions on our Facebook page or you can email the club directly.

Excellent - Good - Poor

Trails are closed for the season

Hebron Center at the Country Store - POOR

Corridor 24 East to Bridgewater - POOR

Corridor 24 West to Canaan - POOR

Primary 151 North to Rumney - POOR

Primary 151 South to Alexandria - Closed

Trails West - POOR

Trails East - POOR

Trails South - POOR

Trails North - POOR

Hebron Center - POOR