October 2010

October 9, 2010

Dear Club Members,

The October meeting was held at 7:30 PM on the 9th at the Hebron Village Church. Fourteen club members attended the meeting.


· The date for the next meeting will be the on the second Saturday of the month, November 13, 2010, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church. There will be a stuffed chicken breast supper.

· Regular meetings are held the second Saturday of the month, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church, Hebron, NH. Changes to the regular date will be published.

· The web site address is www.hardycountrysnowmobileclub.net.

· Email contact address is hardycountrysnowmobileclub@yahoo.com.

Meeting Minutes:

President – Tim French

· Called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.

· Introduced Tom Lloyd as our new treasurer.

· The treasurer’s report will be addressed later on in the meeting.

· Called for the secretary’s report.

Secretary’s Report – Susan Waring

· The secretary’s minutes of the meeting held on September 9th were presented as distributed.

· A motion was made and passed to correct the credit from Cook’s to $1600, not $3000 as reported.

· The secretary’s report was accepted with the amendment.

· Presented expense report for the club phones over the summer and secretarial supplies.

· Applications have been distributed and some already returned. Membership cards will be sent out shortly.

Trail Master – Miles Sinclair

· The bill from Prinoth for the Bombardier has been presented; Tom, as treasurer, said the check will be in the mail on Monday. He requested that in the future, he would like to have all the bills reviewed for accuracy by the personnel involved prior to payment. The total bill was $6159.59, $1400 of which was repairs to the shaft. Prinoth has requested payment upon pick-up.

· The Tucker maintenance has been completed as well so our equipment is in good shape for the season.

· Following the approval at last month’s meeting, the excavator was rented through Andrews Construction. The cost was a little lower than last year although we have to contribute $280 for the insurance surcharge. It is working out well with Dave Sargent, Chris Colby and Heath Matthews as operators. Dave has been out several times this past week and reported that the machine is very satisfactory.

· The crew has already done some work on Route 11 South; the log bridge was decked and other areas filled in. We have permission from the Hebron Road Agent to take the excavator up Bear Mountain Road to do work on that area on Sunday, October 10th.

· Not as much bridge work is needed as last year but we have several that need some repairs. The 47 foot bridge is about 10 years old and needs some repairs to the decking.

· Brookside Supply had the best bid for the lumber we need. The company we used last year (Mt. Carr Pine Sales) for lumber and nails has gone out of business but Bill Sargent reported he has a good supply of salvage nails (8 different sizes) that he has sorted and saved. Miles still has about 20 pounds of 16 penny galvanized nails from last year.

· Miles has also salvaged 40 to 50 2x8 pressure treated timbers from the Braley Road bridge that would still be suitable for runners and fill-ins.

· Miles priced out the cost for repairing 3 bridges: 47 foot bridge and the 24 foot Spruce Log bridge and the 28 foot bridge on Route 11 South. We’ll need a total of $4545 for lumber and hardware to do all 3 bridges.

· Alan has informed Miles that we have a $6800 budget for bridgework; this would allow for work on the Braley Road Bridge if the landowner agrees that we can reinstall it. Miles would like to use metal I-beams and raise it up.

· Hardy Country Road has culverts that need attention; Miles was concerned that we would have to get permits for culvert work but Alan believes that all but one of the culverts in question shouldn’t have to have permits from DES but we should notify them to be sure. If the process does prove to be lengthy, we can use the snow pack to build up the areas during the season.

· Trail work will start on October 10 on Route 11 South. Maynard Young will haul the lumber on his trailer to Bear Mountain Road where it will be transported from there to the bridge.

· Pat French mentioned that she believes there may be 15’ gate still left at their house. It was suggested that this could be used for one of the bridges. Miles will check it out.

· Miles asked for a check for $3945.50 for the lumber from Brookside so it would be available next week. Alan made a motion to do this, seconded by Ann Sargent and so voted, unanimously.

· Bill Sargent asked about the final location for our homeless fuel tank and the power source to run the pumps. We have a possible location and Miles will contact the landowner. A DC powered pump might be the most expedient if setting up an outlet at a nearby garage gets too involved.

Trail Administrator – Alan Barnard

· Braley Road bridge – if we can’t put it back in where it was, we could move it over the width of the bridge to place it on another landowner’s property. Alan and Miles will make further inquiries with the landowner.

· We have a new landowner that Alan is attempting to contact.

· We may have a problem in Orange where the town is shutting down several trails. Chris Gamache has advised that we need to work on this. Alan is also investigating other avenues to avoid this area.

· We have a new landowner on Valley View Road and Alan is checking into this as well. A new landowner near Goose Pond is not a problem as the trail through there is on a town road.

· Summer Grant-in-Aid was half of the usual amount. $4257 for machine time and $5800 in material. We were granted $13,350 of which our matching share will be $11057.50. Alan put in for 800 hours but we won’t be likely to get that much based on last year’s poor season but we will get paid at a higher rate for our wider rollers. We have the logbooks for the groomers.

· Since Fish and Game were behind on registrations, they were granting special permission for snowmobile club ATVs, however, we did already receive the registration for our ATV.

· We have a number of issues that need to be ironed out but we are working on them.

President – Tim French

· Reminder that next month we will be doing our suppers again; the November supper will be Stuffed Chicken Breast.

· Ski-doo is again offering the coupons for $5 donations to the club for visiting a Ski-doo dealer.

· Congratulations to the baseball team that we sponsored; they went on to become champions this year.

· Tim met with Sharon on Saturday morning and let her know that we had sent the letter requesting the records but it turned out to be unnecessary as Sharon had brought up the records and passed them along to Tim at that meeting. Sharon had a few items remaining that she will send to Tim. As Sharon was taking care of several officer duties, the officers will go through the records as a group and divide them among the proper officers. Sharon also provided a flash drive with all of the electronic records.

· Tim also addressed the rumor that had come to him that erroneously claimed that the club was going to sue Sharon for the records. This was never the intent of the club and Tim asked that this type of misinformation not be passed around. He asked that club members negate this rumor if they hear anything about it.

· As outgoing treasurer, Sharon prepared the year end treasurer’s report which Tim passed to Tom to present at the meeting.

· Tim discussed the IRS issue with Sharon and let her know that he has called them to find out what we need to resolve the IRS penalty issue. With help from Alan regarding the amounts received from Grant-in-Aid and our bank statement records from 2008 and 2009, Tim will put together the figures required to fill out the Schedule B forms he was told that we need to get the penalties rescinded. Given that our tax-exempt status began with 2008, the problem arose from inexperience, not intent, and it is most likely that completing this step will settle this with no penalties due.

· Tim has met with Tom to go over the records and updated the bank paperwork to allow Tom to fulfill his obligations as treasurer. Tom was very satisfied with the meeting and feels confident that he will be able to make the transition with no difficulty.

Treasurer – Tom Lloyd

· Tom thanked Tim for his incredible support and cooperation in gathering all the information Tom needed to get started.

· Tom passed out the end-of-year report that Sharon prepared and the summary of accounts that Tom had prepared. Tom was able to reconcile the ledger book beginning July 1 with the statements Tim provided. The only questionable item was a $414 automatic debit which was identified as an unentered groomer payment, which reconciles the account. Tom will review the previous 21 months to familiarize himself with the accounts.

· Tom stated his philosophy that good communication is very important. Tom addressed Ann Sargent’s question about whether our treasurer should be bonded. Bonding doesn’t offer sufficient benefits that would make it advantageous to pay the extra fees and undertake the extra paperwork as the system of checks-and-balances already in place in the club already protects us very well.

· Having tax-exempt status puts us in compliance with the IRS for anyone who makes a donation to the club to be able to legitimately claim their contribution, money or services, on their income tax returns. Being in compliance with the IRS is the most important thing.

· So that Tom can present the most accurate information to the club, Tim and he are working to get all the bank accounts accessible online and via phone. Alan stated that the ability for him to check online for the Grant-in-Aid direct deposits will be very useful. Tim said that the 4 officers whose names are on the account will have access but will only have what is called “personal view” not the ability to make any transactions. Pat said that they had trouble trying to set this up with the bank last year; hopefully, we will be successful this time.

· Tom asked if there were any questions for him. There were no further questions but Alan thanked Tom for coming on board.

· Tom stated that our account will be near the limit but thinks that we will be able to pay all of the current outstanding bills with a balance to hold us over until grant money is received.

· Tom wants to stay in good standing with our creditors and plans to pay bills as received rather than wait till the actual due dates.

· Tom complimented Sharon’s handling of the accounts and Alan endorsed his compliment by saying that Sharon was always insistent on having the proper invoices and paperwork needed to pay our bills.

President – Tim French

· Tim read the year-end treasurers report from Sharon, which comprised the final 3 months of her term. The beginning balance for our checking account on 3/13/10 was $21,883.33, deposits to that account to 6/30/10 totaled $17,202.69 and we paid out expenses of $10,094.61 for an ending balance in our checking account of $28,991.41. The Groomer Fund balance was $232.76 and the Supper Fund balance was $13,213.82 for a total ending cash available balance of $42,437.99 on June 30, 2010.

· A motion was made and second to accept this report and it was accepted as presented.

Treasurer – Tom Lloyd

· Tom passed out his preliminary findings of our accounts; however, he was not able to compile a comprehensive report as he is still reviewing all the paperwork he’d received from Tim and will be familiarizing himself with the records he recently received from Sharon. His overall opinion is that the transition will be fairly smooth once he is up to speed and he will have a full report at the next meeting. With recent expenses, our total ending cash balance is $33,786.23 with current outstanding expenses to be paid of $6,159 to Prinoth for groomer maintenance and of $8.34 to R.P. Williams for small parts.

· Tom inquired of the division of the membership fees with NHSA to get an idea of projected incoming funds from memberships. Unfortunately, with three different tiers of memberships, we cannot predict our share with certainty.

· In looking over the accounts, Tom is hopeful that he can negotiate with the bank to increase the interest rate on our checking account. Currently, that rate is only .01% - hardly even worth computing - and, with the amount we typically carry, perhaps we can qualify for a larger amount. Alan suggested a “sweep account” which would combine all of our balances. Pat French said she had approached the bank about this in the past but was unable to get it resolved. Unfortunately, at some periods of the year, our balance does drop and we have to be careful about declaring a high minimum balance.

· A motion was made and second to accept this report and it was accepted as presented.

Other business:

· Alan brought up a proposal to make a donation to the Audubon Society in support of their efforts to preserve the Ashe Cottage. The Audubon Society has been very cooperative with us in the past in allowing us to go through their field so it would be a good will gesture. In addition, this would be in line with the terms of our non-profit status which mandates community service. Tim made the suggestion that the money for this come from the supper fund account. Frank French made the motion that the club make a one-time donation of $300 to the Hebron Audubon Society for their Ashe Cottage restoration project; it was seconded by Pat French and was voted favorably. Alan will find out how the check should be made out and to whom it should be given.

· Alan further proposed that, should our main account become overly depleted, Tom should be authorized to move money from the supper fund account to our main account.

· Tim would like the officers to get together for a meeting to distribute the materials received from Sharon. This may be difficult with everyone’s busy schedules, but we will meet as soon as possible.

· In the same vein, Tim was wondering if an interim office meeting between the monthly club meetings would help facilitate communications. Across the board, members from other clubs that Tim has spoken to say that communication is the top priority to keep clubs viable. Again, although physical meetings with all board members on hand may be hard to schedule, an increased commitment to communicating via phone and email about new developments was expressed by all.

· The club has a desk and a printer that are looking for a home. Since none of our officers are in need of a printer, Alan made the motion to pass the printer along to Frank French in recognition of his 10 years of service – as long as he takes the desk as well to do with as he wishes. This was seconded and so voted.

· The mega raffle tickets are out; please return them as quickly as possible. The deadline is January 15th to ensure that the club can pass them on to NHSA for the February drawing.

· Reminder: Please take advantage of the coupon offer from Skidoo. This gives the clubs a $10 donation for each customer who brings a coupon to a Skidoo dealer – no purchase required. There were some clubs that took very successful advantage of this, benefiting them $1500 last year. Outdoor Performance is our local Skidoo dealer in Bridgewater.

· It’s time for the annual membership drive; an application form was included with the last newsletter for your convenience. The forms are also on the website at http://www.hardycountrysnowmobileclub.net/join-us for you to download and print using Acrobat Reader. We will be dropping off application forms at Outdoor Performance and the Newfound Trading Post in Bristol for your convenience in registering your sleds as

· Sunday trail work has begun – typically, the crew will meet at the Hebron Village Store at 8:00 AM on Sunday mornings to work on trails. Please check the website or call Miles (603-744-3831) for weekly updates and information.

· Next month’s supper will be the Stuffed Chicken Breast from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Hebron Village Church. We do need volunteers to help in food preparation; if you can, please join us at 1:00 PM at the Church to help out. Call Sue at 603-744-6158 if you have any questions.

· There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:33 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Waring, Secretary, Hardy Country Snowmobile Club