November 2009

November 14, 2009

Dear Club Members,

The November meeting was held on November 14th at the Hebron Village Church following the Pork Roast supper. Fifteen club members attended the meeting.


· The date for the next meeting will be the second Saturday of the month, December 12th, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church, Hebron, NH. We will be having our annual Yankee Swap Christmas party after the meeting. (Future changes to any regular dates will be published.)

· There will be a fund-raising supper of Stuffed Chicken Breast from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM prior to the meeting. We always need more volunteers to be able to continue the suppers, so please join us if you can (contact Sue at 603-744-6158 to let us know if you can help). Many thanks to those who have stepped forward to keep us going.

· The web site address is

· Email contact address is

Meeting Minutes:

President – Tim French

· Called the meeting to order at 7:28 PM.

· Reviewed and called for the votes on the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports.

Secretary’s Report – Susan Waring

· The secretary’s published minutes of the meeting held on October 10, 2009 were accepted as printed.

· Club member Ted Grzesik joined us to exhibit the proposed new website. Those present were able to view the new website on laptops. The club thanked Ted for his work in setting up the new format, a task not possible without his expertise. As it is still in the beginning stages and needs refining, Brian Deal made the motion to allow the officers to decide when to make the new website public; the motion was seconded and the vote carried.

Treasurer – Vacant

· Tim French presented the revised treasurer’s report for September and the report for October, generously prepared by Sharon Chauvin. Both were accepted as read.

· Sharon is also processing our memberships applications.

· As customary, newsletters will now be sent out only to current members; those whose memberships from last year have lapsed will no longer receive the newsletter until they rejoin.

Vice President - Walt Waring

· Expressed our gratitude to Sharon for continuing to undertake the necessary duties needed to keep the club going but reiterated our need for a treasurer.

· Complimented Miles Sinclair and Bill Sargent for their dedication to getting our trail work done so well.

Trail Master – Miles Sinclair

· Reviewed the progress made on rebuilding our bridges, thanking those members who have turned out to accomplish this work but also urgently requesting that other club members come forward to assist in completing the necessary work before the snow makes it impossible to continue.

· Miles is endeavoring to get the materials needed for stringers, some of them can be done with telephone poles and some will be better handled by 18” steel I-beams.

· The 3 bridges on Sculptured Rocks trail were 90-95% finished up as of 11/14 and the bridge near MacDougall’s was redecked although there are several bridges left to do.

· The 1500-foot reroute on Route 24 in Hebron came out really nice thanks to the excavation by Dave Sargent and the tree cutting by Miles and Bill Sargent. Dave Sargent and Chris Colby also did excavation on the Jewell Hill reroute, as well as improvements on the existing Jewell Hill and Sculptured Rocks trails.

· Many thanks to Andrews Construction who went the extra mile to provide us with a working excavator at a favorable price when the one they had promised we could rent went in the shop for maintenance.

· The Kimball Hill gate is completed and secured.

· Bill Noyes reported that ATVs and 4x4s have damaged trails on the east side of Plymouth Mountain and stated that they may need reworking. Bill also suggested that making phone calls to members might increase the number of folks who work on trails.

· Bill Sargent reported that a gate on Hood Road is open; his understanding was that it should be closed. This will be looked into.

Trail Administrator – Alan Barnard

· Follow up on Miles’ comment on the excavator rental from Andrews Construction: since the reimbursement from the state for this type of equipment is $100 per hour and we used the excavator for about 70 hours (33 hours more than the reimbursement), it was a really good bargain for the $3700 price.

· Report on the roller project – Andrews Construction donated the culverts needed for the cores for the rollers, saving us the money we previously voted to spend for them.

· At the Hebron Selectmen’s meeting, permission was given for us to level the hill up by the Hebron Public Safety Building and to fill in the old well. Work is planned on that for the next weekend.

· Regarding Dorchester, Miles and Alan are working with the Road Agent and the Selectman in regards to Province Road connection.

· In reference to lumber companies, Bob Bradbury of Timbervest has been very happy with their relationship with Hardy Country and the installation of the gate off of Province Road in Groton.

· Reimbursements for construction on Route 11S and Corridor 24/Rte. 151 have not been received yet from the state.

· Part of our Hood Road trail and Corridor 24 may become Corridor 5, too, as the Mt. Cardigan snowmobile club has had a closing of their access routes to Corridor 5. The advantage is that we will then have a shorter route to Canaan.

· Alan reminded everyone of the upcoming County meeting at Baker Valley on the 18th of November, Wednesday.

· Bob Hardy, forester for the State of NH who made the assessment to permit tree cutting on the State owned portions of the Jewell Hill & Sculptured Rocks trails, requested “before & after” photos, which Alan will send to him.

· The winter Grant-in-Aid has been approved with changes from last year. As the grooming hourly rate increase that was implemented was based on the higher registration fees, which do not go into effect until next July, the increase was basically unfunded for this grooming season. Although we put in for 900 hours, we were approved for only 650 hours. However, as the rate had been increased to $43.71 (up from $38.71), our overall allocation is still viable.

· Cell phone update: After we finally found the right model cell phone, incorporating the features we needed, we then found out that Verizon Wireless had discontinued that model. Extended searches in hopes to find a couple of phones in stock somewhere were fruitless, and so the hunt continues. VW is coming out with a replacement for the model we chose but haven’t given us an expected delivery date for those as yet.

Other business:

· The club again wishes to thank Sharon Chauvin for assisting the club, preparing the treasurer’s reports and processing the memberships received. We appreciate her efforts, particularly in view of her other obligations.

· Newfound Sales and Trading Post has requested that they be one of our membership locations, as is Outdoor Performance. Since the Trading Post already handles snowmobile registrations, the club voted to give them a supply of applications and cards. Tim French will acquire a supply of cards and applications from Sharon and VP Walt Waring will handle the drop-off and pick-up of applications.

· Sheila Oranch, one of our publicity contacts for the suppers, suggested that Hardy Country would benefit by being a member of the Newfound Region Chamber of Commerce. We could then post our events (primarily the suppers) on the chamber website. With our non-profit club status, membership is only $75 a year. It was also pointed out that, in maintaining our non-profit status, we are required to support community affairs and joining the chamber would be in line with this directive. The membership voted to join the Newfound Region Chamber of Commerce.

· A request was made from a member of the Hebron Fire Department that Hardy Country make a donation towards the purchase of a portable defibrillator to be kept on hand at the Hebron Village Church. It was motioned, seconded and voted that the club will donate $100 toward the $750 the Fire Department needs for this purchase.

· Closely allied to these issues, Tim French presented his view that we express our gratitude to the church for allowing us to host our suppers there. More thought will be given to this in the future.

· Investigation will be done on a report that our paperwork for IRS tax-exempt status was incomplete. Both Alan and Sharon feel this report is in error but it will be checked out.

· Remember, the registration fees will be going up next year but your club discount will still be effective.

Current Category 2010-2011

$48 Resident, club member $64

$78 Resident, non-club member $94

$63 Non resident, club member $84

$93 Non resident, non-club member $114

· NHSA Super Raffle tickets will be mailed to members with the current membership card. Please try to sell and return them as soon as you can. This is a good means of fund raising since each club receives half of the proceeds of what they sell. Thank you for helping make this a success last year and see if we can top that for this season!

· Supper Report: For the Pork Roast Supper, we served 144 people, including 5 landowners. We also took in 2 membership applications. With the proceeds from the supper and the 50/50 raffle, we made $725.48.

· Next month’s supper will be Stuffed Chicken Breast on December 12th and our annual Yankee Swap Christmas party will follow the 7:30 meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Waring,


Hardy Country Snowmobile Club