January 2010

January 9, 2010

Dear Club Members,

The January meeting was held on the 9th at the Hebron Village Church following the Chowders and Stews supper. Sixteen club members attended the meeting.


· The date for the next meeting will be the second Saturday of the month, February 13, 2010, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church, Hebron, NH. (Future changes to any regular dates will be published.)

· There will be a fund-raising supper of Grilled Steak from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM prior to the meeting. Remember, the Steak Supper price is $12.00 per adult, $6.00 for children under 10. We always need more volunteers to be able to continue the suppers, so please join us if you can (contact Sue at 603-744-6158 to let us know if you can help). Many thanks to those who have stepped forward to keep us going. We also need dessert donations. Please contact Sue Waring at 603-744-6158 or Ann Sargent at 603-744-3192 to sign up.

· The web site address is www.hardycountrysnowmobileclub.net (NOTE: our new website went live on January 20th – much thanks to member Ted Grzesik for his invaluable contributions of time and expertise in designing the site and facilitating its seamless arrival online!)

· Email contact address is hardycountrysnowmobileclub@yahoo.com

Meeting Minutes:

President – Tim French

· Called the meeting to order at 7:58 PM.

· Called for the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports.

Secretary’s Report – Susan Waring

· The secretary’s minutes of the meeting held on December 12, 2009 were accepted as published.

Treasurer – Vacant

· Tim French presented the treasurer’s report for January; the report was accepted as explicated.

· Since Sharon is no longer our official treasurer, due to increased personal obligations, but has been graciously filling in, we do need to find a full time treasurer to handle our finances. If there is any club member who would be willing to step forward, the club urgently needs you!

Trail Master – Miles Sinclair

· Bill, Alan and Miles have spent many hours grooming trails. Despite the scarcity of snow, all trails are open, although some are pretty thin and boney. Likewise, with warmer temperatures, running water has not been frozen over in many locations, presenting many waterbars.

· Hood Road and the Connector to Atwell are open but snowmobilers are cautioned to beware of the berm put up by loggers. Tim French has put up caution signs.

· Province Road is open but logging trucks are using part of the road a couple of times a day; riders need to be alert for them.

· Hunter’s Rest trail is open for local people and club members.

· The Orange Road trail, posted for Local and Groomer use only, is plowed between Bill Jolly’s driveway and Sculptured Rocks Road. Local snowmobilers must use the plowed road but need to comply with the 10 mph posted limit. Abuse of this trail will result in its closure.

· We were made aware of a request for improved signage in the Route 5/Dorchester area and this has been addressed.

· One side of the Kimball Hill gate keeps swinging shut; Miles has secured it, a task which will need to be done yearly.

· Maintenance on the groomers being done, a suggestion was made to refit the Bombardier 180 with swivel type pintle hitch like the one on the Tucker. Estimate for this would be in the $200 range with a plate and a bracket. Bill Noyes agreed that the pintle type hitch is favorable as it lessens the wear on the groomer. It was voted that the Trail Master research exactly what is needed and be authorized to expend up to $250 for the alteration.

· One of the new, wider rollers is almost complete, the second is under construction.

· Although MB Tractor is no longer in business at the old Hawkensen’s location, the account we have applied for can be used at the MB Tractor in Tilton so having the account is still worthwhile. The Wise Guys account should have Miles Sinclair, Bill and Dave Sargent, Alan Barnard and Tim French as authorized users.

· It would be helpful also to have an account at R.P. Williams, as many of the supplies we need are available there. Alan made a motion to open an account at Williams; Bill Noyes asked if any other local hardware dealers might have better prices. The vote was to allow the officers to open an account at hardware suppliers as needed to procure the parts we need at the best prices

Trail Administrator – Alan Barnard

· Groomers have spent 110 hours trying to spread thin snow into trails. They are rough but rideable.

· On Rte. 118, the embankment drops off too much; trail work done by HCSC did not meet with state highway endorsement. Alan is working with the state officials to reach a resolution to gain their approval; an alternate trail is also being considered.

· Riders are reminded to be sure to stop at “STOP” signs at driveways.

· Canaan Loop (Corridor 5) – trail is pretty rough.

· The bill for the Dorchester bridge has been reimbursed by the state ($1,750); an additional bill has been submitted to the State for $4036.75 for the final summer/fall construction. Payment has not been received at this time. We had no grooming hours in December.

· The snowmobile trail on Ethier’s (Corridor 24) land has been difficult. The landowner did some excavating for which he charged the club $500.

· The blade on the Tucker is in need of repair. Fixing it is problematic because of all of the technology; every wiring system needs to be disconnected in order to protect the computers from the welding voltage. Alan is looking into a rebuilding or replacement kit. Tim French said Dave would be willing to try to weld it after disconnecting all the wiring.

Other business:

· Linda Noyes thanked the club for the sympathy card she and Bill received. She also passed on a request that more space be left between the tables at the suppers as folks felt a little cramped.

· Newfound Grocery proposed setting up a program to recognize club membership by offering a discount for half-off. On a return visit, snowmobilers would get half-off their purchase with the presentation of their previous visit receipt and a club membership card.

· Tim French reported on his interview with the reporter from the Record Enterprise. One of the points he stressed was the beneficial influence of snowmobiling on local economies statewide.

· The club computer that has been used for information and club records has died; fortunately, data had been backed up on memory-sticks but we do need another computer. A motion was made to replace it with a laptop, its portability being a great advantage, and purchasing more useful software for expediting financial and membership records. The approximate cost would be around $1,130 for the laptop with programs and extended warranty. Walt Waring made a motion to approve the purchase, with Frank French seconding the motion for Tim French and Sharon Chauvin (as the one most familiar with the software requirements needed) to collaborate and purchase a laptop with the programs and warranty within that price range.

· The IRS issue is still open. Alan’s business tax attorney agreed to be of service to the club in resolving the problem with an initial free consultation and at half-price should we need further advice. Tim reported that Sharon is working on it; however, the officers feel that they should see the paperwork which Sharon received as the officers and club share responsibility for the penalties and fees assessed. We need to have it resolved in order to apply for grants and maintain our non-profit status. Tim said that he would contact Sharon and remind her to forward the documents.

· Supper Report: For the Chowders & Stews Supper, we served 125 people with 7 landowners. With the proceeds from the supper, $45 for shirts and $40 from the 50/50 raffle, we made $762.66.

· Next month’s supper will be Grilled Steak on February 13th. We always welcome volunteers to help prepare and serve – and to donate desserts. Please contact Sue Waring at 603-744-6158 or Ann Sargent at 603-744-3192 to sign up for donations. (Please note the wrong price was given in the January Sno-Traveler Hardy Country report – I apologize that the regular supper price was given instead of the one for the Steak Supper: $12 - adults/$6 - kids under 10.)

· The meeting was adjourned at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Waring,

Secretary, Hardy Country Snowmobile Club