February 2011

February 12, 2011

Dear Club Members,

The February meeting was held on the 12th at the Hebron Village Church. Sixteen club members and one guest were present at the meeting.


· The date for the next meeting will be on the second Saturday of the month, March 12, 2011, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church. The supper will be Roast Turkey from 5 to 7 PM.

· Regular meetings are held the second Saturday of the month, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church, Hebron, NH. Changes to the regular date will be published.

· The web site address is www.hardycountrysnowmobileclub.net.

· Email contact address is hardycountrysnowmobileclub@yahoo.com.

Meeting Minutes:

President – Tim French

· Called the meeting to order at 8:21 PM.

· Tim thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and for everyone’s help with the supper.

· The president called for the secretary’s report, followed by the treasurer’s report.

Secretary’s Report – Susan Waring

· The secretary’s minutes of the meeting held on January 8th were presented as distributed and the report was accepted as written.

Treasurer – Tom Lloyd was unable to attend. Tim presented the treasurer’s report.

· The treasurer’s report was distributed and reviewed, covering the Summary of Accounts and the income and debits to date as well as the outstanding debits that have not yet cleared. Tim relayed Tom’s report that the latest income tax return for Fiscal year 2009-2010 has been filed and we are in compliance with all IRS regulations.

President – Tim French

· Following the vote to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Tim asked for the Trail Master’s report.

Trail Master – Miles Sinclair

· The trails are the best they’ve been; even better than last year.

· The Bombardier is pulling to the left; a problem with the potentiometer needs repair. There are also some picks on the track that need replacement.

· The signs belonging to the Canaan club, which they requested our assistance in fixing, have been made right and our trails signs have been adjusted to reflect their changes.

· The Route 118 trail is open, but very difficult to groom.

· Miles has been posting a weekly update on the website about trail conditions; please look for them for current news regarding the trails. Note, too, that there seem to be lots of moose around this year; be alert!

· Tim French is now fully certified as a groomer operator. Adam Hollows is continuing his observation and training with Miles.

Trail Administrator – Alan Barnard

· Everything is settled regarding our trail use for the change of ownership of the land on the Jewell Hill trail; we now have the proper licensing we need. Alan recognized the help received from Chris Gamarche of the BOT in this.

· Repairs on the Tucker were noted: one of the rear leaf springs had broken and was repaired; one back light and one front light needed fixing and Alan bought new windshield wipers for it.

· The maps have been printed and are being distributed. We are requesting a $3.00 donation to defray the costs and returns have been promising.

· Responding to the deadline for submitting additional groomer hours, Alan has put in for 250 more hours as an estimate of what we will need in the near future, with possible payment coming this summer. We have already used 375 of our original 650 hours and should be receiving those funds of $13,217.17 shortly. Potential summer Grant-in-Aid may be $12,393.22.

· The landowner list has been updated and the landowner thank-you letters and supper tickets have been sent; several of our landowners responded this evening at our Steak Supper.

· Baker Valley has installed a back-up camera on their groomer; it will be interesting to see how useful that is and whether having them on our groomers would be advantageous to us as well.

· We have received the proof of insurance documents; copies have been passed on to the requesting landowners and duplicates retained for our files.

· Also, regarding our insurance, we need to reevaluate the appraisals for the BR 180 and the Tucker for proper coverage as the current recorded values are out of date. This is necessary also for our tax records.

· The officers’ insurance proposed by the NHSA, as presented at the meeting on January 10th, looks like a prudent move and we will keep informed of further developments.

· Copies of invoices and bills have been reviewed and passed along to the treasurer for payment.

President – Tim French

· Presented a letter from the White Mountain Ridge Runners announcing their plans to build a warming hut in Jericho State Park, west of Berlin, NH. The Ridge Runners propose that the hut will be available for all-season recreation. They are soliciting donations from other clubs. Everyone concurred that this is a worthy venture but well outside of our coverage area.

· Tim read the thank-you note that accompanied the $100 donation to the club from the couple whose sled Bill rescued with the groomer. Bill received a round of applause and a hearty thank you from club members present.

· As we have two more meetings before the end of the year, we will be addressing several issues in March and April, among which are the election of officers and the review of annual donations.

· In preparation for April elections, a nominating committee was requested. Ann Sargent volunteered for the job. Any members interested in applying to run for an office may contact Ann at 603-744-3192.

· Once again, we returned to the unfinished task of rewriting our By-Laws. As there were no volunteers from the floor, the officers will attempt to revise them. Copies of the current By-Laws were distributed for the officers to review.

· Supper report: We sold 108 tickets and had 12 landowner tickets for the Steak supper and took in $1205, of which we spent $605.67 in expenses, for a profit of $599.33 on the supper. We also took in $80 for shirt sales and $14.00 for the 50/50 raffle (with Lexi Sinclair pocketing the winner’s share). In addition, we received $50 in donations for maps at the supper and $75 collected from the Hebron Village Store’s display of Hardy Country maps. This made an evening total of $818.33.

· Since our inventory of shirts and jackets is getting thin, we will check into getting some new supplies. It was suggested that Venture Print, a local vendor who printed our maps, may be a good source for these.

· Next month’s supper will be Roast Turkey and it was decided to do Ham’n’Beans, which we haven’t had for awhile, at our April supper.

· Frank French offered $100 for the remaining steaks. The offer was accepted, increasing the evening profits to $918.33.

· A motion to adjourn was received and approved and Tim adjourned the meeting at 9:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Waring, Secretary,

Hardy Country Snowmobile Club