December 2009

December 12, 2009

Dear Club Members,

The December meeting was held on December 12th at the Hebron Village Church following the Stuffed Chicken Breast supper. Fourteen club members and one guest attended the meeting.


· The date for the next meeting will be the second Saturday of the month, January 9, 2010, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church, Hebron, NH. (Future changes to any regular dates will be published.)

· There will be a fund-raising supper of Chowders & Stews from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM prior to the meeting. We always need more volunteers to be able to continue the suppers, so please join us if you can (contact Sue at 603-744-6158 to let us know if you can help). Many thanks to those who have stepped forward to keep us going. We need volunteers to donate a crock-pot of chowder or stew. Please contact Sue Waring at 603-744-6158 or Ann Sargent at 603-744-3192 to sign up.

· The web site address is

· Email contact address is

Meeting Minutes:

President – Tim French

· Called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.

· Reviewed and called for the votes on the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports.

Secretary’s Report – Susan Waring

· The secretary’s minutes of the meeting held on November 14, 2009 were accepted as published.

· The cell phones were received by the secretary and sent to Alan, who completed the programming and passed them along to the groomers. The Warings presented the Verizon bill to the club for payment of the club’s portion for the equipment. Adding the phones to a pre-existing account eliminates the club’s need to pay the basic charge for the account; the club will be responsible only for the additional lines and additional charges on those lines.

· Thank you letters requested to be sent by the secretary:

o To: Andrews Construction for the donation of culverts for our trail rollers.

o To: Kim at the Hebron Village Store, who has allowed us to use their dumpster for the supper trash disposal.

o To: Cardigan Mountain Orchard for their donation of apples for the December supper desserts.

Treasurer – Vacant

· Tim French presented the treasurer’s report for December, as there was some confusion with what seemed to be a missing line, the report was tabled until it can be checked.

· Tim studied the treasurer’s report question and was able to clarify the confusion. Upon satisfactory explanation, the treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

· Sharon is also processing our memberships applications. As Sharon is no longer our official treasurer, due to increased personal obligations, but has been graciously filling in, we do need to find a full time treasurer to handle our finances. If there is any club member who would be willing to step forward, the club urgently needs you!

· Ann Sargent inquired about paying the balance of the loan on the groomer off. Alan Barnard suggested that we wait until spring after the grooming season in case we have unexpected winter expenses so that we don’t get overextended. It was decided to revisit repaying the loan balance in the spring.

Vice President - Walt Waring

· Commended the organization and representation given the club by Alan Barnard and Miles Sinclair in regards to the Dorchester issue over the Province Road Bridge; their teamwork was masterful. Also thanked the officers for their show of support by accompanying Alan and Miles to the selectmen’s meeting on December 16th, which facilitated a quick resolution to the matter. (Further details on this issue are given below in the Trail Administrator report.)

Trail Master – Miles Sinclair

· Seven bridges were redecked and rebuilt this fall in addition to trail clearing and excavation. Jewell Hill Bridge was completed the first weekend in December. Only one bridge remains at the time of the meeting that requires repair this season, work will be completed on that soon.

· Alan and Miles reported that 5 members from Hardy County and 6 or 7 from the Canaan club cut the new trail near Rte. 118.

· Miles thanked all the members who came forward to help with the trail work this season. The core group worked really hard to complete a great deal of necessary work on our bridges and trails.

Trail Administrator – Alan Barnard

· Bill Sargent and Alan worked on the Tucker to ready it for the season: cleaning, checking systems and taking it for a test ride to the 40-Ft Bridge, clearing trail as they went. Bill Sargent presented the bills incurred in its preparation.

· Dorchester Issue:

® The club received a letter, dated November 25, 2009, from the Town of Dorchester stating that they wanted payment of $5,800 for the steel I-beams that Hardy Country salvaged from the South Branch of the Baker River following the flood that washed out the town’s Province Road Bridge in 2005. Although the club felt that the steel had been given to us, the town had no clear record of that and were concerned of their liability should any of the logging trucks currently using the bridge have an accident.

® These I-beams were used, with the town’s approval, to construct a new bridge on private land, rerouting not only the snowmobile trail but also the vehicular traffic on Province Road. This road and bridge were constructed at a cost of $10,000 and have been in use since 2005.

® Negotiations were conducted with the Dorchester Selectmen, Chris Gamache, Chief of the NH Bureau of Trails, the various logging companies and the landowner. At the Dorchester Selectmen’s meeting on December 16th, Alan and Miles, accompanied by the club’s officers, were able to receive concessions from the town to reduce the price to $1,750 and secure the town’s commitment that the snowmobile club will be able to use Province Road for the next 5 years with no interruption; these provisions will be given in writing as legal documents. The 5-year moratorium will give the club time to arrange for and build the trail on private property without using Province Road at all and the nominal price (which the NH Bureau of Trails will underwrite) for the steel dispels future difficulties with the town. In the end, it was a win-win situation for both sides.

· The trail to Plain Jane’s Diner in Rumney has been rerouted to avoid going through the RV park campground.

· On Hunt Road, Bill Sargent and Alan put up a snow fence and signage. Mitch, who requested the change, was satisfied with the arrangement.

· David Sargent worked on a bad corner near Auto Air; it is much improved. Our thanks to David.

· Our first check for summer Grant-in- Aid reimbursement in the amount of $9786.73 was received.

· The excavation work on the steep hill adjacent to the Hebron Public Safety Building has been done. Thank you to Bruce Barnard for his assistance.

· Collaboration with the Baker Valley club is planned for trail work on about 2 miles of a new trail connecting from Province Road to Baker Valley’s “View Loop trail”.

· Fish and Game officer Jim Kneeland has taken the safety course at the Trail Master’s meeting; he offered to relay what he learned to the club members at an upcoming meeting.

· The Town of Hebron has opened up the town beach for parking by permit for the ice-fishermen; they requested some signs from the club, which we will provide.

· Members are cautioned to be careful on Braley Road, as new guardrails have been installed.

· The Newfound Lake Pathway ( would like our collaboration on a recreational trail program for hikers and walkers around Newfound Lake and surrounding towns.

Other business:

· Alan presented a “logo-cap” with the Hardy Country logo to the club and requested that we start a tradition of passing it down from president to president. Former president Frank French put his signature and years of service (10 years) on the hat and presented it to his grandson Tim French, our current president, who also signed it and indicated his first year of service.

· Tim and Alan have been working on the online access to view the club accounts; they have it set up so that no transactions can be made online but having access will allow closer oversight to our accounts. A motion was made to have Sharon Chauvin included in the authorized reviewers, as she is still involved in the treasurer’s duties. The motion was seconded and the vote passed to include Sharon.

· The IRS issue is still being investigated. Alan suggested that his business tax attorney might be of service to the club in resolving the problem; this was approved. Tim requested that the executive officers be given permission to deal with it; this was unanimously accepted.

· Remember, the registration fees will be going up next year but your club discount will still be effective.

Current Category 2010-2011

$48 Resident, club member $64

$78 Resident, non-club member $94

$63 Non resident, club member $84

$93 Non resident, non-club member $114

· NHSA Super Raffle tickets are mailed to members with the current membership card. Please try to sell and return them as soon as you can. This is a good means of fund raising since each club receives half of the proceeds of what they sell. Thank you for helping make this a success last year and see if we can top that for this season! Note: the drawing is being held on February 7th so return your tickets soon!

· The Dorchester Grange is doing a “Make a Wish” tree for the holidays. Tim requested that the club donate $50.00 to the effort. As good public relations, the club approved the donation.

· Supper Report: For the Chicken Breast Supper, we served 107 adults and 1 child, included were 8 landowners. With the proceeds from the supper and the 50/50 raffle, we made $590.41. Jack Faro won the November 50/50 raffle for $39.50; June Deal took home the December 50/50 for $31.00. We also sold 3 sweatshirts, 2 long-sleeve shirts and 1 short-sleeve shirt. It was suggested that we investigate a new vendor for replenishment of our shirt inventory, which is getting low. Tim and Alan will explore our options.

· Brooke Sinclair brought a request for the club to sponsor an ad in the Newfound Regional yearbook for 2010. A motion was made to purchase a full-page ad congratulating Brooke and the members of the class of 2010 for $230. It was unanimously approved.

· We have started receiving completed applications from the Newfound Trading Post, as those from Outdoor Performance continue to come in.

· Next month’s supper will be Chowders and Stews on January 9th. We need volunteers to donate a crock-pot of chowder or stew. Please contact Sue Waring at 603-744-6158 or Ann Sargent at 603-744-3192 to sign up for donations.

· The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 PM and was followed by our annual Yankee Swap Christmas party.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Waring,


Hardy Country Snowmobile Club