April 2010

April 10, 2010

Dear Club Members,

The April meeting was held on the 10th at the Hebron Village Church following the Pork Roast supper. Fourteen club members attended the meeting.


· The date for the next meeting will be the annual member pot-luck barbecue on the third Saturday of the month, September 18, 2010, beginning at 2:00 PM, at the home of Walt and Sue Waring, 31 Waring Road, Bristol. Please call Sue at 603-744-6158 to coordinate food.

· Regular meetings are held the second Saturday of the month, beginning at 7:30 PM, at the Hebron Village Church, Hebron, NH. Changes to the regular date will be published.

· The web site address is www.hardycountrysnowmobileclub.net.

· Email contact address is hardycountrysnowmobileclub@yahoo.com.

Meeting Minutes:

President – Tim French

· Called the meeting to order at 8:03 PM.

· The first order of business was the report from the nominating committee. All persons nominated were asked if they would accept the positions and all assented. The motion was made to close nominations and was so voted.

· Called for the secretary’s and treasurer’s reports.

Secretary’s Report – Susan Waring

· The secretary’s minutes of the meeting held on March 13 were presented.

· The secretary’s report was accepted as published.

Treasurer – Vacant

· The treasurer’s report for March was not available.

· Sharon Chauvin was called away for a funeral and will forward the information as soon as she returns. The IRS information will be filed soon.

Trail Master – Miles Sinclair

· Miles reported on the Route 118 problem. After all the snow melted, it was clear that the left edge of the embankment had been damaged. Alan will talk to Dennis Ford to see what needs to be done. The state has asked that the work be completed by June 1st.

· The BR-180 needs to go into the shop for scheduled maintenance; the idler wheels also need to be replaced. Prinoth‘s estimate to do that is $500 but we have another vendor who priced it at $250.

· On Braley Road, Miles, Bill and Ann have dismantled the bridge over the Tannery Brook. Roger Bedard loaded the poles and moved them to David Sargent’s land. Complimentary tickets will be extended to Roger for his assistance. Landowner Shirley Jacobs will be consulted about rebuilding the bridge. If this is not feasible, we may investigate rerouting the trail over the Cockermouth instead of over Tannery Brook.

Trail Administrator – Alan Barnard could not attend; Tim French presented his report:

· Rerouting the Braley Road trail from Tannery Brook to a bridge over the Cockermouth needs more research, considering the length and height restrictions as well as the possibility of damage to the town bridge should there be a washout. We will make all efforts to retain the Braley Road trail with the bridge over Tannery Brook.

· On the Tucker transmission repairs, Alan was able to get a refund credit totaling $2080; we thank Bill Cook who put in a good word to help us with the reimbursement credit of $1600 from Cooks.

· We need to do additional maintenance on the Tucker as some of the seals are leaking. Ann Sargent made the motion that we should undertake these repairs and the vote was approved. Some of the expected $2800/$3800 expense for this will be offset by the $1600 credit at Cooks. The crew will also look into the needed blade repair.

· Miles would like to use the 4-wheeler to go over the trails to inspect the bridges and trail conditions to compile an inventory of what needs to be done; Alan would like to record the trail positions by GPS.

· Dump restrictions on pressure treated lumber at the Groton dump prevent us from using Groton to dispose of our construction debris; Walt will check the Bristol dump for their regulations.

· Our club account for credit at RP Williams has been approved.

· Miles does not believe the proposed wind tower farm on the back side of Tenney Mountain in Rumney will impact our trail use adversely.

· We received $3901 for our last grooming reimbursement; state funds were significantly lower this year due to the lackluster winter.

· The secretary was asked to make up some complimentary dinner cards for the officers to pass out for on-site recognition of work donations. They will be similar to our landowner thank you cards.

President – Tim French

· The election of officers was held from the candidates presented by the nominating committee. The slate of officers presented were:

President - Timothy French

Vice President - Walter Waring

Trail Administrator - Alan Barnard

Asst. Trail Admin. - Ann Sargent

Trail Master - Miles Sinclair

Asst. Trail Master - Adam Hollows

Treasurer - Thomas Lloyd

Secretary - Susan Waring

· Written ballots were distributed and the vote taken. The slate of officers was elected unanimously.

Other business:

· Tom Lloyd reported that the land near the old Bridgewater town hall, where the Bridgewater and Hardy clubs trails meet, may be up for sale. We need to be aware of the ramifications of that.

· On Saturday, May 15th, the annual NHSA meeting will take place at the Pittsburg Fire Department. Registration will be at 11:00 and lunch will be an a la carte “snack bar” with burgers and dogs. The business meeting will begin at 1:00. Tim, Frank, Pat, Ann and Bill said that they would attend to represent Hardy Country Snowmobile Club’s membership of 372 this year.

· The Hebron Gazebo Program approached us about doing a second barbecue this summer, in addition to the one on July 10th, but the membership declined, preferring to do just the one with the manpower available. The club’s charcoal grill will need to be repaired in time for the July 10th cookout; materials and manpower will be sought out for that. Frank French volunteered to provide the hot dogs for the Gazebo Program barbecue.

· We will again begin our supper season in November, making the October meeting a potluck supper for members only.

· With the departure of Frank and Pat French who are moving out of the area, we will be holding the September cookout meeting elsewhere. (As of the April meeting, no venue had been chosen, however, Walt and Sue Waring have offered their place at Picture View Cottages on the 18th of September. If the weather stays hot, the beach is available.)

· A plan to review and renew our bylaws was suggested; the officers will review them and present changes for the membership to vote on sometime in the Fall.

· The April Pork Roast Supper served 94 adults, 2 children, 4 landowners and 5 complimentary ticket holders for a profit of $333.31. Judge Ned Gordon won the 50/50 raffle and donated his $24 proceeds back to the club.

· A motion was presented to authorize $40 for the purchase of a plaque for Sharon in gratitude for her service as treasurer to the club.

· Pat French was presented with one of the club “Kitchen Crew” aprons in honor of her retirement after many years of helping in the preparation of our fundraising suppers and general support of the club.

· The meeting was adjourned at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Waring,

Secretary, Hardy Country Snowmobile Club