****How did Hardy Country Snowmobile Club get its name? It was named after the Hardy family who owned a lot of land on Hardy Country Rd****

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The Hardy Country Snowmobile Club has a current membership of over 200 that enjoy one of the best maintained trail systems available in the Northeast.

Are you looking for a place to stay, eat or fuel up so that you can ride our trails?

Hardy Country will keep you up to date on the latest trail openings, trail closings and trail conditions.

We Have over 10 groomer operators who groom more than 80 miles of trails totaling over 1000 hrs of grooming per year.

Hardy Country Snowmobile Club Officers 2019-2020

President - Jim Lerner

Vice President - Vacant

Secretary - Jennifer Lloyd

Treasurer - Leslie Meau

Trail Administrator - Dave Lloyd

Ass Trail Administrator - Tim Pfister

Trail Master - Jim Bilodeau

Ass Trail Master - Tom Dietrich

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