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***Hardy Art Show****  
Thursday, April 16, 2015 
in the Hardy Gallery outside of the Cafeteria    

This winter and spring, EVERY HARDY STUDENT in their weekly art class will be involved in creating artwork for the all-school art show titled, "Art is All Around."
Our goal is to have each class create one artwork that will be on permanent display in the hallways of the school! The unveiling of these artworks will be the focus of this year's art show.
Thanks to the Hardy PTO for their support! 

The Hardy Art Room
The Hardy Art Website was created to be a place where the Hardy community can learn more about what is happening in the art room.

Our students will understand the elements and principals of design and will learn to evaluate their own artwork, as well as others.

Students experience Art History and are introduced to various materials and tools used in artmaking, including painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, etc.

Students experience interdisciplinary and cross-subject theme based lessons, i.e. social studies, math.

Our students learn to appreciate diverse cultures by observing and discussing art from artists all over the world. With the invention of the internet, television, and other electronic devices, the world has become a much smaller place and it is now, more than ever, important for multicultural, global, and tolerance education to be taught in our schools.

A universal sensory language common to every person on this planet, art embodies every aspect of our lives. Everyone has the potential to express themselves visually and solve problems in a creative way. The Hardy art room is a safe place for children to learn to take risks and push themselves artistically and academically.

Thank you!
Deb Martin
Hardy Art Teacher

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