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Fast and Professional Carpet and Flooring Installation

With a full range of tile flooring options and a full roster of top names in the industry Dallas Flooring Warehouse caters to all of your tiling needs from ceramic and porcelain to wood look and stone as well as installation materials like the best thinset and grout. 

In fact, many contractors across the metroplex get their thinset and grout here.  Now you can get their pricing direct from Dallas Flooring Warehouse!

We have a massive selection of porcelain, marble, ceramic tiles and more!

Wood laminate flooring at blowout prices for Dallas and DFW residents and commercial projects

If you are in the Dallas area and looking for quality hand scraped laminate floors then you are in luck because we have a warehouse full of durable, beautiful laminate flooring at ultra deep discount prices.

Give us a call or come to the warehouse and experience the warehouse shopping difference.  Dallas Flooring Warehouse has the lowest prices in the metroplex because we sell wholesale direct to the public.    Shop with us and you will see why we make the middleman cry!

Hand scraped laminate flooring looks a lot like real hand scraped hardwood. It is widely known as the more affordable and easier to set-up flooring option. It is extensively selected for its easy installation. This kind of flooring is able to offer you the look and feel of hardwood flooring, while keeping costs low. Not only that, but there are even more benefits you can reap from buying laminate flooring…

The appearance You still have many unique physical textures to choose from. Hand scraped laminate flooring has the ability to produce a consistant appearance with equally distributed texture since the manufacturer methodically scraps the whole surface prior to distribution.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is made to provide you with an outstanding feel and consistent look. There are a great deal of options readily available, allowing you to select from light all the way up to heavy scraping, depend on your personal preferences.

The maintenance Hand scraped laminate flooring is simple to maintain. It does not require any buffering, waxing, or vigorous mopping. The maintenance you have to do for this type of flooring can be as simple as a light vacuuming or the quick use of mop or a damp fabric.

We have a massive selection of laminate flooring at Dallas Flooring Warehouse.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

At Dallas Flooring Warehouse we have a massive in stock inventory and selection of vinyl flooring options including many waterproof options. Below is just a very small sampling of our vinyl floor deals.

Vinyl Plank Floors

Cutting edge WATERPROOF FLOORING technology
12mil Waterproof Click Lock Vinyl Plank in Dallas, Texas
Click lock Vinyl Plank Flooring that is 100% WATERPROOF!
Voted Best in Vinyl – Commercial and Residential!

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Recommended Uses: Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Dining Room

Vinyl plank flooring is a wonderful product for washroom flooring or kitchen flooring when installed properly, but failure of the adhesive strips might occur if the flooring is not correctly adjusted before setup to allow space for temperature levels above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike self-stick vinyl tiles which have 100 % adhesive under the tile, floating plank vinyl flooring is adhered only at the edges, dependent upon just 10 % of the area for adhesion.

Plank vinyl flooring offered under the name Trafficmaster Allure is durable, extremely affordable, and is easy to set up as it floats over the sub-floor. It likewise can be found in a broad selection of realistic wood, stone and ceramic and makes for excellent restroom flooring or kitchen flooring choices. It is simple to clean and preserve and comes with a 25 year limited guarantee (based on correct installation).

Hardwood Floor Installation

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Like any product, the life of the floor will rely on quality of the setup, and in this case, likewise depends on correct acclimation to an acceptable temperature.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is considered by many to be the ideal blend of design and functionality. Existing designs have never looked better or more realistic. Luxury vinyl planks likewise usually provide a more long lasting and harder floor than other choices such as hardwood and laminate, specifically when it concerns managing scratches and water problems.

Hardwood Floor Installation KWs

Hardwood Floor Installation

Tools and Installation Methods

Most of the tool necessary for installing hardwood flooring are ordinary carpentry tools, although specialty nailers can be helpful and shorten installation time.

With most solid hardwood flooring, a layer of felt builder's paper is laid over the subfloor before the flooring is laid. Solid hardwood flooring is sometimes face-nailed down through the face of the planks and into the subfloor, though this is more common with softwood flooring. More often hardwood flooring planks are nailed down diagonally through the side tongue as each plank is installed. This allows the nails to be completely hidden as the groove on the next plank covers up the previous tongue.

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Hardwood Floor Installation