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Carpet Stores Offer One Stop Design

There are many important things to consider when building your first home. A big one is choosing a floor covering that will be strong enough to withstand years of children, pets, and general wear and tear. You need to carefully consider your options before making a decision on what best suits your family and their needs. Carpet stores can be a huge help in this area. Most of these stores have experienced staff members that can answer your questions and help you find the perfect material. Here are some things to consider when making your choice.

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Carpet comes in many varieties. Knowing exactly how your family will use your home is a key component in making a smart decision. As stated before, kids and pets will drastically change what you require from your flooring. Be honest with yourself about just how much traffic your home will see.

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Once you've decided on carpet, you'll have to choose a specific type. Doing your homework is crucial. Cut pile, plush, textured, frieze, and Berber are just a few of the styles out there. You'll also want to consider the fiber type, construction, weight and density of the carpet, as these factors all contribute to its durability. Be sure to factor in the price of each style as well. This is also a good time to begin thinking about the color you'd like.

Once a carpet selection has been made, it is time to think about padding. Installing a quality grade padding will add to the life of your carpet. Not only will it make it softer for you to walk on, it will also aid in reducing the overall noise in a room. Putting a little extra quality underneath your carpet is sure to extend the years of enjoyment.

If you're looking for something different, carpet stores offer many other choices. Hard surface flooring is a great option for your new home. It will be long lasting and easy to clean in the years ahead. Tile, hardwood, stone and vinyl are just a few of the options available. Factor in the upkeep and versatility of each surface before making a choice. Each one offers different levels of durability and ease of cleaning.

If allergies or personal preference lead you to use hard wood or tile throughout your home, you may also want to consider adding rugs to your rooms. They add warmth, anchor furniture together, and create an inviting setting. Purchasing a rug is a quick and easy fix to alleviate a design dilemma. They also lend themselves to an easy change in decorating style.

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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are one of the valued features for homes. If a property has an existing hardwood flooring, the main concern when floor cleaning it is its wood age. Usually, if it's mature, it requires hardwood floor refinishing or hardwood repairs (minor renovati

Hardwood flooring has three existing types in the market with three varieties to choose from. The hardwood floor varieties are the strip, plank and parquet: the wood strips are usually about 1.5 to 2.75 inches wide, the plank sizes are wider than the strips, and the parquets are composed of individual squares that make up of a geometric pattern. If you have sized-up the scale of your floor plan, you can now choose which type of wood flooring to install - whether the solid hardwood, engineered wood or laminate flooring is fit for your interior furnishings and house style.

Engineered wood flooring is an alternative to solid hardwood flooring embraced by more and more interior professionals. This type of flooring is a sandwich of finish wood and plywood. The finish wood is what you see and walk on; underneath it is the plywood that comprises about 80 to 90% of the engineered wood flooring each giving dimensional strength to the sandwich.

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If solid hardwood is not ideal for usually moist areas, engineered wood flooring can be best installed in basements and bathrooms.

Another great thing bout engineered wood is the range of installation options. The thinner varieties can be nailed down; the thicker kinds can be installed as floating floors. Floating floors are the great boon to do-it-yourselfers--no heavy staplers to lug around, no sub-floor. As long as your existing floor is level and stable, you can install the floating floor right on top.

Engineered wood flooring's greatest weakness is its thin top layer. Remarkably, this 1/16" to 1/8" finish layer can be sanded. But only once or twice - three is pushing it. In any case, I strongly recommend you seek the advice of a reputable

hardwood installation company before doing a project. Unlike solid hardwood, deep scratches and dents in engineered wood cannot be sanded out, but can be refinished depending on the flooring company.

Laminate flooring, and what you really have to know, is not a real wood. It is comprised of a thin top layer of resin-infused paper, all on top of a wood-chip composite. Technically, it is a wood but if you are to really take a closer study on it, it is just paper-like: the resin-infused layer is essentially a photograph of wood.

Among the advantages of laminate flooring are its scratch-resistant feature and that it works very, very, very much in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens; and it's easy to install. On the other side of the coin, laminate flooring cannot be sanded.

Solid hardwood floors come either unfinished or pre-finished. This type of wood flooring is solid all the way from top to bottom. Unfinished hardwoods are a bit inexpensive to purchase and it requires immediate sanding, optional staining, and sealing after installation, which will require you at least 48 hours for the sealant to dry. With unfinished hardwood, the advantage is you can stain it and seal it to your liking, however, with pre-finished hardwoods, the advantage is easier to install and less down time. Pre-finished hardwoods are factory-completed product, which means there is no on-site sanding and finishing.


Carpet Flooring Types and Materials

There is a wide variation in carpet flooring popularity as interior decorating fashions change. Flowery, busy patterns were popular in the Fifties. Today solid colors are more favoured. Shag, long a cultural embarrassment, has attained, in some circles, a certain retro chic.

Carpet tiles were long the poor cousin of the carpet world. But today tiles are used in stunning interior designs. With careful cutting, and using two complementary colors, tiles create an impressive effect laid in a wall-to-wall diagonal style. Other designers create bold geometric designs.


The principle carpet types are flat weave, needle felt, knotted, tufted and woven. The materials used are now mostly synthetic, with the exception being wool, both blended and, less often, pure. The synthetics are polyester, nylon and polypropylene. Carpeting is made in 3 formats. These are rugs, rolls and carpet tiles.

The carpeting most likely to be found in the domestic sector is tufted. In tufted carpets, the pile is threaded through an initial backing. This backing is then affixed to another backing surface by means of a weaving technique known as a hessian weave. Alternatively, the bond can be a glue.

Woven carpets can have either a cut or plush pile. Woven carpets are made on looms, just as cloth is manufactured. Because this manufacturing technique is a longer process than other techniques and because wool is the principle material, woven carpets are costly.

Carpet pile refers to the depth of a carpet and to how the top surface is treated. The loops of yarn that constitute that carpet and be uncut or they can be sheared. In plush pile carpeting, as in plush cloth types such as velvet, the loops are sheared. This leaves a smooth top surface. Berber is the word for carpets with a pile made of uncut yarn loops.

In flatweave carpeting, weft and warp threads interlock. The flatweave technique makes a very sturdy material. The technique originated centuries ago. It is used in industrial carpet manufacturing and is still used in hand-crafted carpets from China and from Kashmir.

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Have you ever noticed the thin, somewhat stiff carpeting used in areas of high traffic in commercial spaces like motel, hotels and office buildings? This is a totally synthetic product and the process of its manufacturing is called needlefelt. In addition to commercial uses needlefelt is also found in carpet tiles that are beginning to appear more frequently in specialized domestic applications.

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Over the past couple of decades radically new types of flooring have appeared. Composite flooring has taken over a large portion of the hardwood flooring market. Ceramic tiles have returned. Cutting edge interior decorators using metal and treated cement is now acceptable in commercial situations. But carpet flooring, with its multitude of textures and colors and its ability to provide heat insulation, continues to be the best choice in many situations.

No other flooring solution can turn a cold floor into a warm one. For basement floors and floors over unheated crawl spaces, carpet flooring will always be your best solution.

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Engineered Hardwood Floors Advantage

Floors dominate such a large visual space in your home that you can set an immediate and pleasing tone for richness, warmth and luxury with the right product. Hardwood has long been a premium flooring choice for commercial use and for custom, upscale homes. Hardwood has become even more popular than tile in residential renovations with new, engineered hardwood floors manufacturing processes that extend the use of woods into the kitchen, basement and bathroom.

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Natural Hardwood Floors

Oak is the most prevalent hardwood species used for flooring, but a variety of other hardwoods like bamboo, maple, hickory and red cherries are also available. Natural hardwood flooring consist of solid 3/4 inch narrow, unfinished tongue and groove boards called strips (3-4 inches wide) or wider boards called planks (5-7 inches in width). Both board styles lay the same way but interior designers say that the wider planks, sometimes distressed, impart a more casual or country look to the decor.

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This kind of flooring is installed by nailing it to a subfloor of plywood or OSB. Natural hardwood floors are finished in place by sanding the boards to a uniform thickness and coating them with a sealer. When the sealer wears off and the surface darkens, the floor can be sanded and refinished, usually from 5-7 times, or until a nail becomes visible. The life expectancy of natural 3/4 hardwood flooring is about 100 years.

Installing natural hardwood flooring is labor intensive and time consuming. Laying down, sanding and sealing a hardwood floor usually takes several days. Installation time can be reduced with pre-finished hardwood flooring which eliminates the application and drying time of the finish and sealer. Pre-finished flooring is usually more wear resistant because the manufacturer can apply more durable coatings in a controlled factory environment. Homeowners should also consider that on site finishing will emit noxious VOCs into the house environment.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood floors are a laminate built from multiple ply layers with a thick hardwood veneer wear layer on top. The veneer layer is available in almost any exotic hardwood species with exotic color and grain patterns. Engineered hardwood floors are more resistant to moisture than natural wood flooring, which adds to their appeal because they can be installed in damp regions of the country and in basements with relatively high humidity levels.

Some brands of engineered hardwood floors have a thin wear layer that can be recoated but you cannot sand the floor to stain it or completely refinish it. These less expensive brands have an expected average life span of 30-40 years depending on usage patterns. Other brands and styles have much thicker wear layers (5/32 inches) that can be sanded and refinished up to as many as 5 times with an average expected life span of 60-80 years. Thicker wear layers are sawn from the log whereas thinner layers are scraped or sliced. High tech glue is the bonding agent.

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Installation Advantages

One other advantage of engineered hardwood floors is that a floating install can be applied directly over vinyl or a concrete slab or any other existing material that is hard and level without the expense and necessity of a subfloor. Manufacturers recommend that a 4-6 mil vapor barrier be installed over the under-surface if moisture is likely to be a problem.


Helpful Tips on Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring is a huge financial commitment that pays off in a big way in the long run. With that in mind, it is important to be able to take care of your new flooring to have it in top condition for as long as possible. With proper care and maintenance, it is possible to have your hardwood flooring for many years; even a lifetime. Before getting into the helpful tips on hardwood flooring, it is only right to first explore why you would want to consider this kind of flooring in the first place.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

There are many advantages attached to hardwood floor which is why this is one of the most popular types of floor on the home renovation market today. Some of the advantages in this case include:

Maintenance: as you will soon discover, hardwood floors are very easy to clean and generally care for. The inherent properties of the wood make it resistant to dirt and stains such that they don't stick to the floor. Most of what is needed is regular vacuuming and moping with a damp cloth or mop. In addition to this, unlike carpet, wood doesn't fade and will retain its original color for a long time to come.

Health: because wood doesn't trap debris in the way carpet does, the air in the house is usually fresher and cleaner. This is especially important for people with allergies or respiratory illnesses who need constant clean air in and around the home.

Versatility: hardwood is one of the most versatile materials for flooring. No two hardwoods are exactly the same, which means each house gets a unique look as far as the floor goes. In addition to this, wood naturally has different patterns meaning that you will not be stuck with a particular shade or color.

Durability: hardwood is solid and sturdy, making it resistant to dents and scratches, which are part of daily life. This type of flooring is easily able to withstand heavy furniture as well as items being accidentally dropped on the floor.

Value addition: 99.9% or realtors agree that hardwood floors add significant value to the home. This is both in the monetary sense, as well as the perceived value. Apart from hardwood floors increasing the price tag on the home significantly, they are also attractive to prospective buyers, which makes it easier to sell the house quickly and closer to the asking price should such a situation arise.

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Aesthetics: the beauty of hardwood floors is undeniable. It is reminiscent of nature in all its glory. Wood floors can also be sanded and refinished easily to change the color of the floor should you get tired of the current look. The versatility of wood floors also makes it perfect for any kind of interior design conceivable.

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