iMote2 Break Out Board

More flashing lights and squiggly lines 

iMote2 mote platforms are used extensively in the department for wireless sensor research. To make the researchers' lives a little easier I made a clip on break out board, called the iMote2 Snooper, to help them probe signals and test their programs. I salvaged some great little surface mount test points from a dead IBM laptop motherboard which allow oscilloscope test probes to clip on. LEDs can be mounted next to each test point. On the design you can see a bunch of 0Ω resistors. This allows the user to airwire the signal to any of the unconnected pins. The general purpose i/o pins are bought out to the test points by default. The little notch at the bottom of the photo allows the pretty flashing lights on the iMote2 board to be visible. The sensor board clips onto the top of the Snooper board and the signal pass through both sets of connectors on the Snooper board to the iMote2.

If you email Hirose directly, they will send you the connectors as free samples. Good folk at Hirose. I like them. They send me free stuff.

iMote2 Snooper Board v1.0

Board schematics and PCB layouts in Eagle format may be downloaded here: iMote2SnooperBoard_5.brdiMote2SnooperBoard_5.sch

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