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HandShake: unique gesture recognition

Controls for the physically challenged with the Leap Motion

Controls for the physically challenged with the Kinect

Xkitz touch sensors - Arduino and Android

Using touch sensors and audio to help the visually impaired

Touch Sensors-mTouch

IOIO meets Milestone

Phased Array Receiver Board

Touch Sensors-qprox

Tilt compensated compass

MSF Time signal courseboard

Dots - Ultrasonic service discovery 

Cube - 3D ultrasonics 

iMote2 Break Out Board 

Cosmic neutron detector 

3-axis accelerometer on a DIP 

Hardware Butchery - Various Projects

MDR Cable assembly

How to use a pyropen for surface mount soldering

How to get started in hardware design


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Welcome to the Hardware Monkey! I design and build hardware for a variety of projects. I also leverage off the shelf devices, such as smart phones or the Leap Motion using custom software. My current project is to implement gesture recognition to help people who find movement difficult to communicate using webcams and the Microsoft Kinect.

I've had a few articles published in Circuit Cellar and some work featured on Hackaday. One of the touch sensor projects was published in the Journal of Assistive Technologies. I retain an honorary position at InfoLab21, Lancaster University while working offshore in the marine geophysical industry.

Circuit Cellar Articles

 hand shake detection
319 - Feb 2017 

 mTouch Sensors
262 - May 2012

 Phased Array
244 - Nov 2010

 Touch Sensors
234 - Jan 2010