As mentioned earlier, we are non-profit corporation. We are not in this hobby to make money. Our only goal is to cover expenses in the pursuit of our hobby.

Administrative Organization

As a corporation, we are required to have certain officials. The offices that we fill from within our unit are as follows:

1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer

The primary duties of the President are in handling the scheduling of events, both our own and other events that we attend. The President does not have any authoritative rule over the unit and the position is only within the corporation. Field command is handled separately. The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes of the meetings and is the official record keeper of the corporation. The Treasurer handles all financial matters such as procurement of supplies, collection of dues, etc. The Treasurer is also responsible for keeping records of our bank account and tax records.

These officers of the corporation are elected by the membership each year. Nominations are made before the end of the calendar year and elections are held in December. This is to be done at the end of the calendar year and the new officers take office in January. The only restrictions on running for office is that a person must be a full member as opposed to a probationary member and he may not hold the same office for two consecutive terms. In other words, a person may not hold an office within the corporation but for one year and then must either wait out a year or run for another office. However, due to the paperwork involved, the Treasurer may hold the office for two consecutive terms.

Field Organization

The regiment is commanded in the field by field officers elected in December, at the same time that corporate officers are elected. The officers, which are based on the active number of members in the group, are as follows:

1. Captain
2. 1st Sergeant
3. 2nd Sergeant
4. 1st Corporal

Actual companies were composed of around 100 men. We have approximately 25% of that number and few things look worse at a reenactment than to have a Captain, a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, two Corporals and three Privates. As mentioned, elections are held in January. The 1st Sergeant elected with the largest number of votes acts as the Federal 1st Sergeant. The Sergeant elected with the second highest number of votes serves as the Federal 2nd Sergeant but will assume the rank of 1st Sergeant in the absence of the 1st Sergeant or if the group is representing the 8th Louisiana. The Federal 1st Sergeant, at events where we are the 8th Louisiana, will assume the role of 2nd Sergeant. Rank is available to all regular members and the position may be held for consecutive years, depending on the voting.

In addition to the above ranks, we elect a Quartermaster, who is retained without rank. He is in charge of all procurement of supplies, weapons, gunpowder, unit insignia, etc. and this position may be held for consecutive years.


Dues for our unit are presently $20.00 per year and are collected in January of each year. Dues are set by vote of the entire membership. Dues are used to provide equipment for our unit such as unit flags, water barrels, loaner weapons, loaner equipment, and to purchase material for own events. A new recruit must pay $10.00 upon completion of his application and will owe another $10.00 after six months, unless he joins after June 1, in which case he will be billed regular dues of $20.00 in January in lieu of the second $10.00 charge. In no case will he have to pay more than $20.00 in a calendar year.


8th Louisiana Company B