Purchasing Uniforms & Equipment

Equipment priority for any new member would be to purchase period footwear, eyeglasses (if needed), trousers, suspenders, socks, and a period shirt. These items can be used for either Federal or Confederate impressions and is a good basis to start your wardrobe. From there a member can begin purchasing the uniform jackets and headware. The Federal items should be purchased first. A poncho should be high on the list of items to purchase. Leather gear and other accoutrements will now follow along with the purchase of your most expensive item: the musket. After the basic uniforms and equipment are purchased, you may begin to expand your wardrobe by adding extra shirts and extra trousers. You may wish to improve your impression by purchasing a different pair of trousers for your Confederate impression or consider purchasing a tent at this time. In any case, consult one of the veteran members of the group before making any purchase.

Care of Uniforms and Equipment

Do not machine wash and machine dry wool uniforms as shrinkage is extreme and unpredictable especially when using warm water. Uniforms and socks should be hand washed and hang dried or dry cleaned only. Leather goods should be cleaned and receive a good coating of leather dressing if getting wet. If you take proper care of your equipment, they will serve you for a long period.


8th Louisiana Company B

Listed below are approximate prices of what you might expect to pay for the equipment you will need to purchase. Price ranges vary in this hobby as with other hobbies and can vary greatly from sutler to sutler. Posted May 1997.

Priority 1

  • Brogans $83
  • Socks $8
  • Trousers (sky blue) $60
  • Shirt $28
  • Suspenders $10
  • Tin Cup $11
  • Blanket $40

Priority 2

  • Federal Militia Jacket $93
  • Federal Forage Cap $30
  • Poncho $38 (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Fork & Knife $10
  • Tin Plate $6

Priority 3

  • Cartridge Box $68
  • Cap Pouch $24
  • Belt $16
  • Federal Buckle $5
  • Breast Plate $5
  • Musket ($395 for Enfield, $450 for Springfield)
  • Bayonet w/scabbard $50
  • Canteen $35
  • Confederate Shell Jacket $87
  • Confederate Slouch Hat $35
Priority 4
  • Haversack $28
  • Tent, Shelter (dog) $58 (optional, drill cloth, white in color)
  • Tent, Wedge $140 (optional, drill cloth, white in color)
  • Knapsack, Single Bag $66
  • Knapsack, Hardpack $109 (optional, Militia style)
  • Belt Knife (optional, or approved type with appropriate scabbard)