Newsletter of the 8th Louisiana Volunteers

Steven Driskell, Editor
N. Wayne Cosby, Editor, 1993-1998

November 28, 2015

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Welcome to the online edition of The Bienville Rifle.  The goal of this newsletter is to provide our members and the public, information regarding the history and reenacting of the War between the States specific to Louisiana and surroundings.


There will be no event news to publish as the members are no longer active as a group.  I'm currently moving the old newsletters and passing on news about former members.

Steven Driskell

Archives to place online:

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November/December 1998

December 1997 Vol 5 No 3

Camp Moore event of September 27 & 28. Members in attendance; Tommy, Wayne, Louis, Lee, Ray, Mike, Josh, Jude and Steven.

Jackson Crossroads event of October 11 & 12. Members in attendance; Tommy, Wayne, Louis, Ray, Raymond, Mike, Josh and Steven.

Member News

Wayne, November 26, 2015. Lee, Betsy, Jimmy and Paul attended Camp Moore event.

Wayne, check the Camp Moore Facebook page for news and photos.

Stuart, April 30, 2010. I wanted to notify everyone that Louisianians in the Western Confederacy: The Adams-Gibson Brigade in the Civil War reached my doorstep today.

Mike, April 13, 2010. I have recently run into Louis, his mother, Gabe, Jimmy, and Clark. Dave is retired and riding his motorcyle and doing photography. I can still get into my uniforms. The buttons are a little tighter these days.

Clifford, January 15, 2010. 2nd Lt Commander, SCV, Immortal 600 Camp 2600.

Stuart, January 10, 2010. Launches a blog dealing strictly with the role of Louisiana in the War Between the States

Ray & Wayne, September 26, 2009. Photo at Camp Moore.