What is this Hobby?

What is this hobby, reenacting? That is not necessarily an easy question to answer. Its purpose is different things to different people. Basically, in its purest form, it is organized groups of men who, on weekends throughout the year, are attempting to place themselves in as close a circumstance as safely possible, as men may have been on campaigns during the War Between the States. We do not suffer the depravities of War such as death and disease, but it does bring us much closer to the way soldiers lived and how they fought during those four terrible years. We are men from all walks of life . . . policemen, clerks, students, mechanics, oilfield workers, musicians, etc. who share one common interest ... the Civil War.

Reenacting allows someone with basic knowledge and interest in the War to get firsthand experience in using the same implements, wearing the same clothes, eating many of the same foods, singing the same songs, camping, marching and standing face to face in battle lines as our ancestors did in the War. Reenacting serves many purposes: It allows a student of the War to come much closer to life of the common soldier in 1862 than books will allow. It also serves to help educate the public during a mock battle or scenes of camp life of the common soldier. By reenacting, we are also attempting to convey that the deeds of those men have an enduring significance. When we take the time to share the lives of other people living in other times and come to know something of life as they lived it, a bond is renewed. The past becomes part of the present. And ... if you're not careful, you'll learn a lot too!

Reenactments are held many times during the year in Louisiana and all over the South, but are concentrated during the Spring and Fall months. This is usually done to avoid weather extremes. Camping in original style tents is usually done from Friday until Sunday afternoon. We stay dressed in authentic styled wool uniforms during the entire event and modern anachronisms are kept from our view and the public as much as possible. The idea is to place yourself in a frame of mind of being in 1861 to 1865. A typical weekend will include skirmishes, marching drill, dances, singing, sutlering (sutlers supply general merchandise of the period), cooking and whatever a person desires to do in his free time. 

Reenactment events are comprised of many different reenactment organizations that take on the names of specific regiments that fought in the War. Each regiment is independent of others and makes its own internal rules. All branches of service are represented by reenactment organizations.


We are the 8th Louisiana Company B