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Army of the James
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Regimental History
1861 - 1865

The 75th New York Regiment was organized November 14, 1861 at Auburn, New York.  Men were recruited principally in the counties of Cayuga & Seneca into Companies A through I.  Company K joined the regiment June, 1862.  In April, 1864 Company K was again organized to take the place of the one consolidated with the other companies April, 1864.  The men entitled to be discharged at the expiration of the term of service were, in November, 1864, ordered to Auburn, and there honorably discharged December, 1864.  The regiment was continued in service, but consolidated into a battalion of five companies, A through E; Company H transferred to A; I to B; K to C; G to D; and F to E.  In April, 1865, the 31st Independent Company of Infantry joined the battalion as its Company F.

The regiment lost by death, 53 killed in action, 43 of wounds, 109 of disease and other causes.  Captured or missing, 118. Wounded, 155.


The information gathered for this history was extracted from New York in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865 compiled by Frederick Phisterer (online in Google Books).  Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, U.S. War Department (online).

Cayuga in the Field: A Record of the 19th N.Y. Volunteers, all the Batteries of the 3d N.Y. Artillery, and 75th N.Y. Volunteers, Henry Hall and James Hall, 1873 (online in Google Books).

1861 November 14; Organized at Auburn, New York.  December; Served at Santa Rosa Island and Ft Pickens, Florida.

1862 January 1; Ft McRee & Ft Barancas, Florida.  May 9; Ft Pickens and Pensacola, Florida; 1 wounded.  May 28; Fair Oaks, Florida.  September; Department of the Gulf. October 25; Donaldsonville, Louisiana. October 27; Georgia Landing, Louisiana; 1 killed, 1 captured or missing.

1863 January 14; Gunboat Cotton, Bayou Teche, Louisiana; 4 killed, 20 wounded. March 14-15: Operations against Port Hudson, Louisiana.  April 12-13: Fort Bisland, Louisiana; 4 killed, 13 wounded. May 23: Seige of Port Hudson, Louisiana, from May through June a total of 40 died, 59 wounded, 4 captured or missing; May 27; 16 killed 1st assault; June 14; 24 killed 2nd assualt.  September 8: Sabine Pass, Texas; 9 killed, 4 wounded, 72 captured or missing.

1864 March-May; Red River Campaign. April 2; Crump's Hill, 1 wounded.  April 7; Pleasant Hill.  April 28; Above Alexandria, 1 killed, 2 wounded.  June 4; Army of the James.  July 21; Before Richmond, Virginia. August 23-24; Halltown, Virginia, 1 wounded.  September 19; Opequon, Virginia; 24 killed, 40 wounded, 9 captured or missing. October 19; Cedar Creek, Virginia; 7 killed, 16 wounded, 32 captured or missing.  November 19; Ordered to Auburn, New York.

1865 Department of Georgia.  January 11: Savannah, Georgia.  August 31: Mustered out at Savannah, Georgia.


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