The First Louisiana Brigade was a living history and civil war reenactment organization with member units in Louisiana and Mississippi.  These units include Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry.


The First Louisiana Brigade (reenactment unit) was formed in 1993 by the joining of the 7th La., 8th La., and 9th La. Partisan Rangers. The history of this Civil War unit is that the First Louisiana Brigade (Hays' Brigade) served with the Second Corps, under General Jackson, Army of Northern Virginia with distinction from 1861 to Appomattox.  The purposes and functions of this formation are:

  1. Provide a large umbrella organization so that Louisiana units can serve together and not be separated at re-enactments.
  2. Provide a competent, knowledgeable field command structure without weakening the individual units by using their (the units') officers to run events.
  3. Provide instruction in large multi-unit formations, drill and maneuver.
  4. Provide a central group of units to support and promote Louisiana events and each other.
  5. Improve authenticity standards on the field.
  6. Have fun.


The by-laws of the Brigade are quite simple and straightforward. They are designed around the concept that the strength of the Brigade comes from the strength of the individual units and therefore the utmost effort is done to maintain the integrity and individuality of the member units.

  1. The Brigade is commanded by 4 officers and 1 NCO (Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant and Sgt Major) to be expanded as the Brigade increases in size and when appropriate, and to be elected for a service period of two years.
  2. Officers/NCO's of the Brigade cannot hold an elected position in their individual units.
  3. Membership is voluntary and attendance at any and all events is voluntary but each member unit makes a commitment of honor to promote Louisiana events, sister units and their events and to strive to improve the standards of reenacting in Louisiana and in their respective units.
  4. Brigade has command authority on the field only.  Each unit is responsible for its' internal politics, camp life, socials, etc.
  5. There are no dues and no newsletters.  There are a minimum of 2 meetings annually, usually held at a commonly attended event.  All members are welcome, no delegates unless by the choice of the individual units.
  6. Correspondence is conducted to each unit by a designated member of that unit who is responsible to see that his respective unit gets informed.
  7. New units seeking membership must be sponsored by a member unit and membership is probationary (non-voting) for one year to allow each party, Brigade and new unit, to decide on a permanent commitment - to be considered a unit.  The group must consistently field for one year, at least one of the following: Infantry - 10 men, Cavalry - 10 men, Artillery - 5 men and 1 gun.
  8. Voting on officers, new units and proposed new resolutions is conducted once annually in the winter and is determined by simple majority - one man, one vote.
  9. As this is a field formation only and not associated with the running of units or unit politics, women cannot vote.  The Brigade does not field women in the ranks.
  • Camp Moore, November 17-19, 2000
Member Units
  • 7th Louisiana, Company K, Captain Tony Gole, 1997 camp photo
  • 8th Louisiana, Company B
  • 9th Louisiana Battalion Partisan Rangers, Company A, Captain David Bernard
  • 16th Louisiana, Company D, Captain William J. Engle
  • Centenary Cadets, Captain Terry Peters
  • CSA Marines, Company D, Sgt Matthew Carver
  • Washington Artillery, 5th Company, Chuck Le
Staff Officers 2000
  • Colonel Mike Kloepfer, Commanding
  • Lt Colonel Don Watson
  • Major James Chauvin
  • Captain Dave Booher, Adjutant
  • Sgt Major Gary Hines
  • Sgt Otis Arnold
Staff Officers 1998-1999
  • Colonel Bill (Doc) Calloway
  • Lt Colonel Mike Kloepfer
  • Major Steven Driskell
  • Captain Don Watson
  • Lt Dennis Gaubert
  • Sgt Major Mike Pretus
Staff Officers 1996-1997
  • Colonel Bill (Doc) Calloway
  • Major Mike Kloepfer
  • Captain Steven Driskell
  • Lt Roberts
  • Sgt Major Mike Pretus
  • Beauvoir, October 1996, left to right; Sgt Mjr Pretus, Capt Driskell, Colonel Calloway, Major Kloepfer, Lt Roberts

Staff Officers 1995
  • Major Bill (Doc) Calloway
  • Captain Dennis Gaubert
  • Lt Jimmy Chauvin
  • Sgt Major Terry Betts
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