2nd Harvest Mobile Food Pantry

2nd Harvest Facts and Figures

The 2nd Harvest Mobile Food Pantry is provided by 2nd Harvest of East Tennessee and hosted by Hardins Chapel.
The Mobile Food Pantry is at the church on the first Wednesday of the month from 11:00 until 11:20 or sometimes 11:30.
There are no income requirements, but people wanting to get food should bring a photo ID as proof of address and their own box or boxes.
The food that the 2nd Harvest gives away is not all donated, although they do receive a lot of donations from our local food stores except for Ingles.

2nd Harvest of East Tennessee spends close to 1.5 million dollars a year purchasing food to give away.

Since we are a sponsored agency, our share of that 1.5 million dollars is $5.00 per box plus $25.00 a month for gas and truck upkeep.

In the course of a year, our average cost is $180 a month or $2160 a year.

For that $180 a month we have distributed 23,682 pounds of food in a year at an average cost of $0.09 cents a pound.

In that year we have served:

373 households at an average of 31 households per month.

Those 373 households have consisted of 829 individuals.

Those 829 individuals have included 171 children and 128 seniors. Some of those individuals are church members.

Most of those people are from our immediate community but we have also been helping people from other areas such as Afton, Ottway, the Asheville Hwy. and town.

The UMW and individuals have begun donating soap and other toiletries that are not part of the regular distribution.

Larry and Marilyn are our 2nd Harvest liaisons and keep records and statistics of who is served each month.

Dean Jones has not missed helping at a single distribution and there are about 16 people from church who show up to help each month.

Funding continues to be a challenge and most of the roughly $50 a week needed has some from individuals within the church.