Our Teams Idea's

We came up with a number of ideas for 2014-2015's game, Recycle Rush. We could of kept brainstorming for more ideas but due to the short amount of time we're given (6weeks, already on the 3week), we've narrowed it down to the following 5:

Robot 1 is basically a forklift that can be lifted up and down as well as open in and out.

Pro: Robot 1 has the ability to pick up totes AND bins, plus it's simple to make and use.

Con: Robot 1 can only pick up one tote at a time and the driver has to drive the robot around and stack the totes and bins themselves.

Robot 2 utilizes the concept of a PEZ dispenser for candy. It uses a hook/forklift at the front of the robot. The PEZ concept is such that the totes are clicked up into the PEZ mechanism and held by the sides. A hook or a forklift lifts up a tote to the lowest PEZ position where it will lock into position. The hook/forklift will then lower to pick up another tote and push up the first tote to the next PEZ location. Once there's a full stack, the totes will lower down and the driver will back away from the stack.

Pro: Robot 2 can pick up totes and pre-stack them on itself allowing us to score right away unlike Robot 1, where the robot has to drive to a tote, pick it up, stack it on another, and drive away to another tote.

Con: Robot 2 has a lot of movement happening all in one place, from the lifting and lowering of the hook/forklift to the lowering of the pez's. There would also have to be enough weight in the back of the robot to cancel out all the pressure being applied to the front considering the weight of the totes, pez's, and hook/forklift.

Robot 2.1 is another version of Robot 2. It's a simpler version where instead of having multiple pez's that would "click" the totes in place as they were pulled up by a hook or forklift, the pez itself would be the one to move down and "click" itself onto a tote.

Pro: Robot 2.1 consists of only one moving mechanism in which the pez will move up and down.

Con: The pez can only pick up totes meaning picking up a bin, as well as "litter", would not be an option.

Robot 3 has multiple hooks connected to a pulley system or a chain that would cycle around, lifting up totes as it goes.

Pro: Like Robot 2, Robot 3 can pick up totes and hold onto, "pre-stack", them.

Con: Robot 3 cannot pick up the Bin or "litter". It's also less efficient to use since the hooks can only securely grasp onto the handle of the totes.

Robot 4 is double sided where one side can pick up totes while the other can pick up bins.

Pro: Robot 4 will be able to pick up totes and "pre-stack" them as wells as pick up bins to put as the "cherry on top".

Con: Robot 4 will require the driver to be able to turn around quickly but safely as to not knock over already finished stacks or ally robots.