Services & Specialties

  • Income tax consulting and planning 
  • Choosing an entity for your business (S Corp, LLC or?) 
  • Tax advice on real estate holdings 
  • Assistance with cost segregation on real estate projects 
  • Preparation and review of financial statements 
  • Consulting on building business value or net worth 
  • Advise on records and documentation 
  • Analysis of business and accounting reports 
  • Keeping depreciation and amortization records for assets 
  • Assistance with accounting software and procedures 
  • Determining proper expense categories for record keeping 
  • Recommending bookkeepers or year-end adjustments 
  • Finding other appropriate service providers to help you 
  • Income tax preparation – Individual 
  • Electronic filing of personal tax returns 
  • Income tax preparation – Corporation 
  • Income tax preparation – LLC / Partnership 
  • Income tax preparation – Trust /Estate/ Fiduciary 
  • Income tax preparation – Exempt organization Tax, accounting or other research
Debbie Harding,
Dec 29, 2011, 11:09 AM