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When you owe income tax, it is advised that you pay what you can now and attempt to catch up as soon as possible.  There are possible late payment or late filing penalties as well as interest that they will add on to any income tax balance owed.  To minimize all possible penalties and interest, understand that April 15 is an important date each year for personal income taxes (even with an extension for filing the tax return paperwork) as penalties are higher after that date with late payment and late filing penalties.  Your most important tax payments goal should be to catch up with income tax payments due by April 15 whenever possible.  For additional information about making payment to the IRS, go to https://www.irs.gov/payments.

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We are a Colorado local CPA firm located near I-225 & Parker Road in southwest Aurora near southeast Denver.  

Our focus is on income tax planning, review and preparation.  We assist with all types of income tax returns whether estate, individual, tax-exempt, real estate investor, capital gains or losses, other states, part-year, non-resident, multi-state and any kind of business, including 1099 forms preparation.  

Get professional service and care so you can have more confidence when the tax filings are signed and then processed.

We consult with new and existing business owners to help them implement what is needed, especially related to accounting and taxes. We have had a long-time association with the Aurora Business Development Center and they have referred us dozens of new business owners over the last 20 years.  Together we can help build profitable businesses for our community.

The Colorado health insurance exchange is Connect for Heath Colorado.
http://connectforhealthco.com/ If you purchased health insurance from this Marketplace / Exchange in the prior year, you should receive form 1095a tax form.  It is a required tax form.  Keep your address current with them and watch your mailbox for early February. If you do not receive your form 1095a by early February, then give them a call at 1-855-752-6749 or see if they added any additional instructions on their website about how to request another copy.

You may still be required to add form 8962 to your income tax return.  If you need additional information on this, you may find what you need at the IRS website at: www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p5187.pdf I write posts about #form1095a and #form8962 on my facebook business page at: https://www.facebook.com/CPAsheldon 

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If you have any questions or income tax issues, give our office a call at 720-870-0949 to see if a quick answer is available. You can also setup a no charge, no obligation appointment so we can get acquainted with your situation. We sincerely hope your life, family and business will succeed!

FAX: 720-870-4352

or use Contact Us link on the left to start contact.  For recent tax news or other important updates not in my recent announcements page, I suggest you follow my posts on either LinkedIn or Twitter with the links on the left.

I make no specific health insurance plan, website, legal or investment recommendations. You should have other advisors for these matters.  Links are provided on this website for your information and convenience so you can be more fully informed.  Please use care and diligence before you trust any online or other source before making any important financial decision. Be aware that you may need to purchase health insurance from your state or federal Marketplace Exchange in order to get insurance that qualifies for any government premium assistance subsidy.

Link: Health Care Sharing Organizations are another option to Health Insurance.  There is no additional tax benefit for costs of these programs as the payments are treated as gifts to the donors.  This can be a real blessing when you are on the receiving end of these gifts as you receive no taxable income.  But all or a portion of your qualifying medical costs can get paid in this way and others who care in the organization will see your needs.