Welcome to the Hardeman County Chapter of APTA

The APTA is the oldest statewide nonprofit historic preservation organization in the State of Tennessee and the fourth oldest in the nation. Since 1951, we have been preserving and maintaining historic sites that play an important role in Tennessee’s rich cultural heritage.  
Our mission is to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation of Tennessee’s rich historic, cultural, architectural and archeological heritage through restoration, education, advocacy and statewide cooperation.
The APTA is a statewide organization, with headquarters in Nashville, TN at Belle Meade Plantation. Currently, there are 13 chapters that administer 14 sites.  
2016 starts our APTA's 51st year in Hardeman County, saving and protecting historic properties, while educating our citizens and visitors about the importance of knowing of the county's historic past.  The chapter looks forward to moving ahead to our next 50 years.