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 October 14th 2010 

Heide, gardener, age 47
Iris, age 65, retired
Road bike Tour to the smallest city of Austria
Review of the bike Tour to Hardegg

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired



A tour to the North Country... (were the winds hit hard the border line...)

Hardegg, known as Austria’s 'smallest city', was worth to go...

I believe, we have been lucky catching the very late end of summer...

The tour leads us to the North border (Czech) - only a pedistrian bridge is open for traffic.

A romantic side way leaded us to Ciszov.

There was a monument seen:

The last piece of the 'Iron curtain' - see pictures.

Thanks god this time has passed.

We had a wonderful lunch at the city of Znojmo.

Then, after, some good Czech beer, we travelled home (by bicycle of course) on sideways to Retz.

To early to enter the next train back to Vienna...

So, we followed the road to Hollabrunn and in the next Minute we caught at a train to our home, Brunn am Gebirge

Overall distance of our day ride: 80 kilometers

Enjoy the pictures!

Good luck to all the followers!