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Hardcore Porn!: 10 XXX Skin Flicks, Volume 2 (Teen Edition)
Hardcore Porn!: 10 XXX Skin Flicks, Volume 2 (Teen Edition)
Hardcore Porn! V2

Blessed with one of the most sinfully delicious careers on the planet, I have the unique privilege of sitting front and center for the making of porn's most delectable adult productions. From epic SKIN FLICKS, to lesbian liaisons, and wall-to-wall extravaganzas, my eyes are glued to hardcore action, writing about the delectable sexual acts as they are played out before me. Through the crisp vision of porn's ace directors and the insatiable prowess of porn's most scintillating porn stars, naughty fantasies, delicious anecdotes, and thirst-quenching interludes, become my reality on a daily basis. With a solid collection of mind-blowing porn productions, I invite you to enter the wonderful world of adult moviemaking... through my eyes. In the spirit of XXX entertainment, I hope you enjoy the show!

Volume 2 *Teen Edition*

1. Cheerleaders Gone Bad 2- Third Degree Films
2. My Little Panties 4- Digital Sin
3. My Private Tutor- Digital Playground
4. Please Don't Tell- Digital Playground
5. Pretty.Dirty3- New Sensations
6. She's So Cute 5- Digital Sin
7. Sorority Sluts- New Sensations
8. That Horny Little Cheerleader- New Sensations
9. Whale Tail 6- Smash Pictures
10. Young Girls Love Sex- Digital Sin

"Spicy Meatballs"- Jersey Whore: 10 XXX Smoosh Sessions


ex porn star Michelle Avanti
ex porn star Michelle Avanti
Shelley Lubben @2013 All rights reserved
Fridge Porn again
Fridge Porn again
Used a small torch and a long exposure.
hardcore xxx porn
hardcore xxx porn
Pussy Tales: 20 XXX Lesbian Stories, Volume 2
Possessing a personal affinity for raw, sexual articulation, my creative juices really begin to flow when imagining sexy people, with varying lifestyles and through impromptu circumstances, engaging in amusing bouts of consensual sex. Through playful expression, naughty fantasies and from delicious anecdotes selected from my personal repertoire of thirst-quenching interludes, I present you with a collection of sexually explicit short stories that are sure to tempt, tease and tickle your senses. Specifically designed to get you in, out and off, let these luscious lesbian QUICKIES transport you into a whimsical world where passion, lipstick and lust are only a page away.

1. BAKERY BANG- ...we became erotically intoxicated by the enticing aroma of the freshly baked bread, the rows of chocolate chip cookies, and the tender canes of Cuban sugar that perfectly blended with the musky aroma of my sweaty slit.
2. BARGAIN CENTER SLUT- Squatting down behind a pallet of paper towels, I lifted up my skirt and stepped out of my cotton panties.
3. BRAZILIAN BEACH BANG- Apparently, these Brazilian bombshells were only after one thing today... to fuck like bunnies! Luckily, for me, I had unknowingly rested my body down on their rabbit hole...
4. BREAK UP TO MAKE UP- Reaching for a pair of scissors, Casey cut out the crotch of my cotton panties...
5. GALLERY GASH- Now held open like a vice, Desiree stuck out her tongue and began wildly making out with my slit, as if we were teenagers in the backseat of a '69 Camaro.
6. LEATHER LUST- Tying a leather bra around my eyes like a blindfold, Kelly purred, "Let's continue!"
7. LIBRARY LIBATIONS- As I watched my hole being penetrated, I got lost in the realization that I was in the middle of the library...
8. M.I.L.F. & COOKIES- Once she knew she had my undivided attention, she started playing with her boobs, crashing them together like two tectonic plates...
9. MORE THAN WORDS- In an instant, I was pulled out of my skirt and my stockings were ripped to shreds...
10. PEEPING TINA- The pink bow of her apron cascaded down her butt crack, looking just as celebratory as a holiday gift waiting to be opened and cherished.
11. PINA COLADA POON- Her plump butt cheeks offered the perfect pressure against my pussy, as her flesh contoured against mine like a carefully crafted piece of memory foam.
12. POM-POM PUSSY- "Stand up and touch your toes!" Tracy charged, turning the pom-pom around and banging my asshole with the white plastic handle.
13. PLUMBER'S CRACK- With my head thrown back in ecstasy, and my pussy nectar trailing down my legs like a juicy Clingstone peach, I heard Terry whisper, "Looks like you've sprung another leak."
14. ROCKIN' PAJAMA PARTY- I lifted up my teddy to show her the satin ribbon that held my crotchless panties together and teased, "Well, aren't you gonna open your present?"
15. ROLLERBLADE RUG MUNCH- Although I could still taste faint glimpses of her strawberry flavored lip-gloss, my salty squirt remained the dominant flavor in Charlene's mouth.
16. SEXY PRIVATES- Overcome by a dominating sensation, I poked two fingers out and held them in front of my pussy, as if my digits had morphed into an eight-inch cock.
17. SORORITY SNATCH- "Rookies, drop to your knees and sniff each pussy as you pass!" Kate, the reigning president of LIQ MI PIE snarled, demanding total allegiance and cooperation from us pledges.
18. SPANISH FLY- With my fingers dredged deep, and the smell of my ripe pussy in the air, I secretly longed to shove my face between the folds of a wet, hairy pussy.
19. TONGUE-TIED- Face-to-face with my very first pussy, I took in giant wafts of Lexi's musky muff and explored her pussy parts with my palms...
20. WINNING CUNTESTANT- After a few more solid lashings of my tongue, Gretchen began climaxing all over my lips...

HARDCORE BONUS MATERIAL: Cock Tales: 20 XXX Sex Stories Volume 2- "Teacher's Pet"

Adults Only 18+