Destroyed Evidence
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There have been cries of outrage over Roger Goodell destroying the Patriots' tapes of opposing coaches' hand signals.  The word "coverup" is also heard.

"They destroyed the evidence!" 

What evidence? What do you think was on the tapes?  The Patriots admitted to their practice. The New York Jets video was on the NFL on FOX show in September 2007.  That tape showed the following: 

Camera on three coaches giving three different sets of signals

Pan to down and distance.

Rinse and repeat.

Wow. Spellbinding. Jason Bourne would not be impressed. It was on that NFL on FOX segment that Jimmy Johnson commented that what he saw was how he was told to do it when he entered the NFL.

The Matt Walsh tapes were shown in May showing the same thing. What more is there to see?  

Any cries over "destroyed evidence" are looking for something that isn't there. Much like the whole Spygate episode.  This issue was taping from the sideline. Hardly secret.

Based upon the tapes shown at the Matt Walsh press conference, it is a shame the first set of tapes were destroyed. The tapes would also show how overblown this episode is.

Taping of NFL coaches is nothing more than what can be seen by other people - players, coaches and fans.

If there is a coverup, it's a coverup to hide how minor of a deal the videotaping practice was in light of teams always trying to get the signals of other teams.