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Grade 8 CSOs

Students will use knowledge of Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of words, spell words, change word meanings and generate new words appropriate to grade level, recognize that knowledge of the origins and history of word meanings enhances understanding of a word’s meaning.
Prefix and Suffix Brainstorm
Vocabulary Tree

Students will use etymology, context clues, affixes, synonyms or antonyms to increase grade appropriate vocabulary.
Synonym Charades
Examining Etymology

Students will use pre-reading and comprehension strategies (generating questions and previewing, activating and evaluating prior knowledge and scanning or skimming texts) to critically analyze and evaluate the composition of literary and informational texts (making judgments, hypothesizing, making complex and abstract summaries).
Inferencing Notes
Sentence Synthesis 
Students will analyze how analogies, illustrations, examples, and anecdotes are used to enhance oral and written communication.
Analogy Graphic Organizer
"Reflective" Response

Students will use pre-writing, editing and revision techniques (read, draft aloud, peer feedback or a provided rubric) to vary sentence length, change sentence order, eliminate organizational errors, and use vivid and concise words to create a personal style or voice while clarifying and enhancing the central idea.
Short, Short Story

Students will from a prompt use the five-step writing process to develop a focused composition that contains specific, relevant details, and vivid, precise words.
Essay Map
Understanding Organization